Monday, November 14, 2016

The Debut of Apalala from Devil's Head Productions

    Winter is coming and I know this not just because Game of Thrones has beaten me about the head with the saying.  Nope, I know it because my drafty bedroom windows remind me at every sunset.  I would cover them with plastic sheeting but the cats like to sit there and make threats to the birds that hang out in the gutters.  So all they're gonna do is take their razor talons and cuts holes in big enough for them to crawl through, and the one that eats everything will digest the whatever strips he can manage to pull free.  It's just easier to turn the heat way up and get an extra blanket.

    This dude looks like something they'd keep out of Westeros with an ice wall.  This is Apalala, the latest figure from Devil's Head Productions, and he's one mean looking s.o.b.  There's a lottery happening right now for those interested in adding him to their collections (which should be everyone).  Here's what you have to do to be in the running:

To enter the lottery send an email to with "APALALA LOTTO" as the subject and your PayPal email address. Price is $140.00 shipped inside the USA and $180.00 shipped anywhere else. Winners announced and invoices sent first week of December.

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