Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kaiju Frankenstein from Nathan Hamill x Touma x 3DRetro

    This is what happens when you take those trips down to Mexico in an effort to save on plastic surgery.  There are many ways to become fiscally responsible, like cutting down on your visits to Starbucks, or hitchhiking wherever you need to go, but invasive medical procedures should be at the bottom of that list.  Along with cable television, because that is a necessity.

   Frankenstein's dueling personas aren't the result of a medical vacation in Tijuana though.  He's feeling a bit torn because he was created by two different folks.  Nathan Hamill designed one side, Touma the other and then 3DRetro slapped em together to create this conflicted looking monster.  Do you think they share one brain and always agree, or do you think that like conjoined twins they have their own personalities that fight to be unique?  Pick one up at www.3dretro.com for $49.99 and create your own narrative.  

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