Friday, November 18, 2016

Original Colorway Wananeko Sofubi from Javier Jimenez

    Don't be totally bummed if you can't go to DesignerCon this weekend, because I'm right in the same boat with you.  Whether you have to work, or live far away, or are just anti social and the thought of being around people is more terrifying than a pit of venomous reptiles, you can take comfort in knowing that you can still get awesome new toys from the relative safety of your own home.  Like maybe this sweet kitty from Javier Jimenez that are left overs from his successful crowd funding campaign.  Produced in elegant Japanese vinyl, you can own him this Sunday, November 20th at 11 am eastern time by visiting  

   He'll also have a special one of a kind Dorobanii figure and a special preorder for his first ever art book.  See, you can still get tons of awesome stuff and not even be exposed to the con flu that everyone comes down with after one of those shindigs.  

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