Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rise of Rudolph 3 Inch Dunny from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    I wrote an entire children's story about this new Dunny from Frank Kozik and for their website at so I was just going to tell you to go read that, which you should do anyway.  Seriously, your children will want you to read it to them before they go to bed each night because they deserve to hear the real truth about the North Pole industrial machine.  But then I just kept typing and now this has become more than just a post about a post; it has become it's own, standalone post that merely references a post, so in a sense it's like three posts yet only two.  No, seriously this all makes sense because I thought about it a lot.  And it's Guy Fawkes day, where British folks celebrate the dude who tried to blow up Parliament.  Did his moment of rebellion inspire more than plastic masks and a graphic novel and also light the fuse in everyone's favorite reindeer to stop taking Santa's crap?  Do you see how easy it is to connect all of these events and drive yourself mad with conspiracy theories?  Why are my cats starring at me like they're recording all of this?

    Celebrate Christmas the way it was intended by picking up this 3 inch Dunny now from and wherever designer toys are sold.  

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