Monday, November 21, 2016

Soldier 76 from The 3D Hero

    This new resin dude from The 3D Hero is apparently from the game Overwatch which I admit I have never played.  Video games are like illicit drugs for me, in that if I start I'm going to go on a bender, lose all sense of responsibility, feel horrible about myself because I didn't accomplish anything I should have in that time period, and force myself into a shame spiral where I just continue to play because life is pain and who cares if the neighbors can smell that I haven't taken the trash out in forever.  It's not pretty.

   This little dude will be limited to 10 hand painted pieces, cost $60 each, and will be going up for sale on November 29th, which should give you plenty of time to wake up from the deep slumber of your Thanksgiving food coma.  Check him out at for more info on how you can get one.  

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