Wednesday, November 16, 2016

You Should Advertise Here and Be a Great Success

    Look at these people, these captains of industry doing business things and making the world a more profitable place before our reptile overlords extinguish all monetary systems and transfer us over to a larval-pelt based economy.  I bet they're talking about how much money (or pelts) they'll make by having their very own button on the right hand side of The Toy Viking's awesome blog site. It was after all voted one of the ten best websites in the world by most of my family (you're all off my Christmas list by the way for me not cracking the top five). 

   And don't think it's cause I need the money, cause I already have the beginnings of a large scale medicinal leech business in my basement (don't tell my wife) that will allow me to reinvest in my real cash cow, which is my southern rock flavored black metal touring extravaganza and pet adoption event.  Besides, if you read my first paragraph, you would have caught onto the larval-pelt/reptile overlord thing, which is free knowledge from me to you.  Let's go ahead and get some practice in with a trade deal.  Do you make stickers, buttons, pins, shrunken heads, toys, medical grade specimens, offer legal advice, a tax shelter, a bomb shelter, breed puppies, or any other thing we can brand with a Toy Viking logo?  Then hit me up via ye olde contact button up top and I could be advertising your wares in no time.  Your logo will be seen by seven people all over the world as they check to see what madness I have committed to public record all in the name of my obsession for designer toys.  Is it ok to say "I love you" after a business proposal, cause I just did.  

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