Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cancer Metal Mass Murder from Johnny Ryan x Monster Worship

    This is precisely how I would expect at figure named Mass Murder to look.  Even more so when you realize it comes from the rather twisted Prison Pit comics of Johnny Ryan.  A name is so important in life, as it can easily set your destiny.  For instance, if you name your child Honey, no one will ever take her seriously.  And you're destined to be broke with a name like Princess, and naming your daughter Beautiful will inevitably mean that she grows up to look like a troll.  Also, all three can be found gainfully employed at the local gentlemen's establishment.  Head my words you future parents of the world and don't just name your kids something you think is cute because cute doesn't pay the bills. Unless they work at the aforementioned club, then they probably do ok.  

    Monster Worship is debuting this sick looking dude  in what's being hailed the "Cancer Metal" edition.  He's all chromed out with a head that looks like delicious Funfetti cake.  Annnnnnnd now I'm hungry.  Pick one up right now at for $90.  

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