Friday, August 8, 2014

Alavaka Blue Blind Bags from Devil's Head Productions

    I know I had sworn off the whole bling box thing but sometimes I miss that thrill of being surprised by what you just bought.  It's a good feeling and only really goes away when you buy two or three of something from a series and you end up with the exact same toy each time.  At that point I usually want to give up collecting, sell everything I own, and invest in mutual funds.  There are not many things in life that make me feel excited/infuriated within the span of a couple of minutes.  But this is different, cause this isn't like those sets of figures and you only want particular ones that you'll never get because the universe hates you.  When you buy one of these Blue Blind Bags from Devil's Head Productions you know you're at least going to get a sweet Alavaka figure.  Beyond that you have no expectations cause they're aren't pictures everywhere of what you could get that allow you to fall in love with some designs and loathe others.  It could only be more of a surprise if you had never seen what the basic figure looks like.  If you're feeling lucky these will go on sale Saturday, August 9th, for $50 each.   Pick one up from

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