Friday, August 1, 2014

Sippy Shortstraw Pink Punch from UME Toys

    It has been scientifically proven that the Coke Slurpee is the most superior beverage on the planet.  No, I don't have the data handy right now, but have I ever lied to you?  Why, just last night I had one and it was quite delicious.  Even those splitting headaches you get from brain freeze are not enough to deter me from wanting one with every meal.  

   I don't know what type of concoction Sippy Shortstraw has hidden in her belly, but in a perfect world it's totally Coke Slurpee.  This happy refreshment container is the work of UME Toys and you can add one to your collection today at 9pm GMT.  Each one stands just under 3 inches tall and is all hand made out of resin and unicorn tears.  

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