Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zomb MD and Nurse from 3A

    When you go to the hospital and this is the guy that is assigned to take care of you, you will quickly realize how crappy your insurance is.  When you're picking your plan from your employer, never check the box that says "Civil War Coverage" cause this is what you end up with.  Sure it's more cost effective, but that's because they don't have to worry about paying for silly useless things like clean gloves or anesthesia.  And just get a look at this dude.  No doctor I've ever seen carries around a bone saw on his belt like some sort of wild west surgical outlaw. But his nurses have legs for days, which will probably distract you long enough for him to get the restraints in place and decide where he's gonna make his first cut.  

    If you weren't already weird about going to the doctor, 3A is gonna try to give you a hefty fear of healthcare with these guys.  For $260 you can get the doctor and his two nurse companions, or for $120 you can just go for the Black Rose Zomb Nurse and you could play the role of doctor yourself.  The sale goes down tomorrow at 9am Hong Kong time at

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