Friday, August 8, 2014

Wananeko Resin Figure from Javier Jimenez

    So I decided to get my car checked out yesterday afternoon after it had been making that weird noise I told you about yesterday.  You wanna know what that noise was?  It was the sound of $1300 leaving my credit card, never to be seen again.  They're still working on it today which equals a surprise vacation day from work for me.  Essentially I am getting paid right now to sit at home and pet my cats.  I am finally living the American dream and it is glorious!!!!

    As you may know by now, I dig me some kitties, and this Wananeko figure from Javier Jimenez is practically begging to live on my shelf.  He stands nearly 5 inches tall, is made of resin, and can be yours for only $60.  And check out this print hanging out at the bottom of the post.  This things breaks down what old Wananeko is made of, and according to the text it states that this dude feeds off of the panic of human beings.  I totally have a real life cat that does that as well.  He's cute as can be but I can feel him shaving time off of my life span with his shenanigans.  The print is only $6, so you have no excuse not to have one hanging in your home.  Both of them go on sale this Sunday, August 10th, at 11am EST only from

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