Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tons of New Releases from Rsin Tomorrow

    So I'm having an internal debate with myself today.  My car started making this weird noise and whenever something happens with one of our vehicles my first reaction is to fall in the floor while clutching my guts (because by now I've worried myself to the point of a stomach ache) and hope that it's no big deal.  So today the debate continues:  do I ignore the noise and hope that somehow little engine trolls appear to magically fix it, or do I spend my day sitting at a repair shop while they create a master list of every wire and bolt that needs to be replaced?  I better type faster because I can feel my intestines tying themselves into knots.

    I need to think happy thoughts, and the work of Rsin is gonna have to transport me to that magical land where people don't worry about fixing their cars. How can you not feel better about things while looking at these dudes?  You can add one to your collection tomorrow when all of them go on sale over at  

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