Friday, August 29, 2014

Black Magic Witch Hunter from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

    Do you ever have days that are just so amazing that you have to run out and buy a lottery ticket just to see if your good fortune will turn into a monetary windfall?  I had one of those days yesterday.  First and foremost, I had the day off, which in and of itself is pretty nice.  Then I got a phone call saying that someone I "worked" with ( I use the term loosely) found another job and quit, which saves me the 
trouble of finding an abandoned well, tricking him to meet me there, and giving him the whole "This is Sparta" treatment.  Then Twitter let me know that one of my favorite authors has a new book coming out in October.  And finally, and most importantly, my cat Ophelia had a good visit at the vet.  Sadly, I forgot to buy a lottery ticket, but I did get a Slurpee and that's a definite win.

    Speaking of lotteries (you see what I did there? oh my goodness the transition was flawless) Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has a pretty sweet lottery running this very minute that you probably want to get in on.  It's for this super sick Black Magic Witch Hunter.  Just read the name again.  Good God do I even need to type anything else?  How could you not want it?  You better check with your local government office and see if you need a permit to own something this brutal in your town.  Right now there is a band forming somewhere in Norway that will only write songs in tribute to this guy.  Some kid in algebra class will be drawing this dude on his notebook and probably get sent to the guidance counselor for psychological testing.  And he comes with accessories.  He comes with a sick trident with a severed head at the end of it and a haunted axe.  When you really need to get the job done why settle for a regular Home Depot axe when there's a haunted one available?  I know I wouldn't.  

    Here's the important stuff.  To enter the lottery visit and put in all your pertinent information.  Then start praying, and hoping, and wishing, and whatever else you think might help you get your name pulled so you have the opportunity to buy one of these.  The lottery closes tonight at 11:59pm so stop thinking about it and just do it.  

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