Monday, August 25, 2014

Tenacious Toys Exclusive "Purple Haze" Daigomi from Guumon

    Driving into Atlantic City you will pass by a giant landfill that has a distinct smell of monster farts.  You will then smell it again after you've lost all of your money, signed over the title of your car to a loan shark, and are forced to walk back up the expressway in an attempt to hitch hike home.  It tried to warn you, that your get rich quick scheme involving your retirement fun and a blackjack table was a stinker.  Afterwards it's just rubbing it in, a noxious "I told you so" from old baby diapers and rotting Chinese food.  Luckily I am smart enough to live far enough away from it that I have not become used to the smell, but anytime I drive by it I'm expecting the odor is actually coming from the formation of a gigantic monster beneath the surface, coming to wreak havoc on us for our wasteful ways.  Daigomi is our reckoning, and you're gonna wish you recycled your cans now, punk!

   I can't say enough nice things about this figure.  Each time I see one I notice some new little detail worked into the design, with different paint schemes revealing new secrets.  Guumon has painted up a grand total of 6 of these figures in the "Purple Haze" color way, and they are exclusives to the good folks of Tenacious Toys.  There's even a chase version that involves a bit more gold near the head.  These will be available via a lottery system that will begin today.  Here is what you have to do for a chance to own one of these beauties:

To enter the Lottery, email us at tenacioustoys at gmail and include this information: Title the email with "Purple Haze Daigomi" and in the body of the email please include this info: Full name and address, plus paypal account username. Lottery closes on Friday. Winners will be chosen at random, only the winners will be piece per household. Each of the 6 pieces will be $150+shipping. We will give you ship options & prices.

    May the toy gods be forever in your favor, or something.  

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