Thursday, August 21, 2014

Super Deformed Voltron from Toynami

    Time for a nostalgia trip.  I remember one Christmas when I was a kid, getting all of those die cast metal Voltron lions that combined to form the giant robot.  Each one of those suckers could have broken your toe if you dropped it and when you combined them all you had a lethal weapon of awesomeness.  Now I can't see anything like that ever being marketed to kids again, what with the threat of them actually toughening up and all.  Can't have that!   

   But for all of us that grew up with Voltron and lived through the emergency room visits for the broken bones it caused, we can relive our fun times with this new super deformed version.  I'm not even being a jerk calling him super deformed cause that's what it's marketed as.  He comes with a bunch of swords and faces and led lights and is partly made of die cast so you can crack the skull of the guy in the cubicle next to you who makes fun of your newest desk accessory.  He's available for preorder now by clicking on that Entertainment Earth button you see to your right.  

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