Thursday, May 15, 2014

Masked Diggler from Splurrt x Devil's Head Productions

    My wife Sharon used to manage a video game store and she would always come home with great stories about her staff and the weird people that would grace them with their often insane presence.  I could dedicate another entire website to the funny stories she had, but one of my favorites that I wish I had more reasons to quote, was the time she was trying to get an employee to do something and he kept asking her "why".  After a few minutes of back and forth her patience had run as thin as OJ's alibi, and she said to him in what was her most menacing voice "if you don't do it I'm going to rip your face off and wear it as a Halloween mask"!  She had completely unleashed her inner Ed Gein on this dude and I was never more proud.  She's probably gonna be pissed I told the world about this, but it's what the people want to read.  Or they want to read about sparkly vampires, I really don't know and am pretty out of touch.

    Splurrt's Diggler has decided that he is going to cosplay as Devil's Head Productions Alavaka for this convention season.  It's a cool idea that combines two of my favorite toys.  It's like, packed with plastic value, or something.  These suckers are going to sell out quickly, so if you want one you better  clear your commitments for this Saturday, May 17, when they go on sale through

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