Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kibunadon Fish Kaiju by Teresa Chiba x Max Toy Co.

    I think the most horrifying thing in the world would be a giant kaiju fish rising from the depths of the ocean and destroying where I live.  Because even if it doesn't totally wreck your house and kill everyone you know, good luck trying to get rid of that dead fish smell once the National Guard puts it down.  Have you ever seen those exploding whale videos?  You know, where a whale washes up on the beach, and it sits there letting all the bacteria in its gut multiply and fart until the whole thing just explodes and sends rotten old innards everywhere?  Now picture that happening with something 10 stories tall.  There aren't enough power washers and bottles of bleach in all of America to wash that smell away.  

    This guy is kinda cute and probably smells like a rainbow.   He's the newest kaiju figure from Max Toy Co. and Teresa Chiba.  You can pick one up right now at and pray that what I described in the first paragraph never happens to you.  The horror!!!!!!!!    

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