Thursday, May 1, 2014

NewEva by Ajee x Bonustoyz x Mighty Jaxx

    I really love the work of Ajee.  When her Kosplay figure was announced I preorded one the moment I was able to.  It's still one of my favorite toys I own, if you can really even call it that.  Her work is much closer to fine art than it is anything you would find in Toys R Us, and though her releases do not happen often, they are always striking.  For this NewEva piece she teamed with the folks at Mighty Jaxx and the results speak for themselves.  The baseball cap makes this figure lean in a much more urban direction, which I'm normally not into, but for some reason I don't mind so much here.  It reads as more of a disguise than it does a nod to self indulgent, brand name culture.  The figure is 6 inches tall and is available to preorder right now from the Bonustoyz website here.  

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