Thursday, May 8, 2014

Amanda Louise Spayd's Secret Society Sale

     My house is filled with dust bunnies.  Not like, filled to the point where I'm wading knee deep in them to try and reach other rooms, but enough that if a light breeze were to come by a few fairly large specimens would most likely skitter across the floor.  Our five cats seem to shed like there were Olympic medals and the glory of their country at stake.  And there will be times that you miss vacuuming under something and all the dust bunnies will congregate under there until they form something that resembles a witch's Halloween wig.  On those days of discovery a few episodes of Hoarders always makes me feel better about my house keeping abilities.  

    Not all dust bunnies are a source of shame though.  Amanda Louise Spayd has been making them for years and people go nuts to own them.  I really like the little resin versions, called Pipsqueaks, the best and a bunch of them will be going on sale tomorrow along with more of her original work.   Visit her site at for more information including pictures, prices, and on sale times.  

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