Friday, May 2, 2014

Gacha Mini Set from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    Look at these tiny wittle baby monsters.  They're so cute you would never suspect that they could grow up one day and wreck the city you live in.  Remember when people used to buy baby alligators cause they were cute then they'd wake up one day and they couldn't shower anymore because a blood-thirsty reptile was living in their bathtub?  And people would flush them down the toilets before they got to big so everyone thought their were these mutant lizards living in our sewer systems that would one day rise and enact their revenge for being abandoned and not shown the proper motherly love that all creatures need.  There's no therapy programs for alligators with a bad childhood.

    Paul Kaiju and Toy Art Gallery are releasing this gacha mini set featuring some of his most well known characters.  You can pick them up for $60 a set or $15 individually.  For those of you math impaired (I double checked my calculations 6 times) that means you get one figure for free by opting for the set.  They go on sale today at noon Pacific time at

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