Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nadsat Boy Beethoven Edition from Kenth Toy Works x Toy Art Gallery

    During the day, when I'm not attempting to write witty, thought-provoking posts about toys that I like, I make eyeglasses.  Not that you've ever asked before, but I am all about full disclosure and ruining whatever mystery I may have left about myself.  I just can't resist destroying my own enigma.  You're probably shocked by the fact that this blog hasn't led to bathtubs full of money and pet zebras, which honestly I am too, but I enjoy my job.  People manage to do some crazy stuff to their eyes and their glasses, most of which keeps me elbow deep in hand sanitizer at all times.  I didn't think there would be so many germs!  

   Thinking about eyeballs all day has left a special place in my heart for this figure from Kenth Toy Works.  His tribute to A Clockwork Orange is one of the more original I've seen and Toy Art Gallery will be releasing this Beethoven edition of it tomorrow, May 2nd, at noon Pacific time.  As if this needs to be said, I am always, and shamelessly, open to all presents you would like to buy me.  Starting your shopping here would be a good idea.  

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