Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Resin Bobcat Skulls from DuBose Art x NoveltyHaus

    I am pretty sure the kittens we rescued back in November are some type of wild hybrid cats.  My theory stems from the fact that the male kitten was neutered in April and has actually gotten crazier.  He literally bounces off of the walls as he races around the house and only sleeps for maybe 10 minutes at a time.  The actual day of his surgery we were told that they would both be groggy and just want to rest, but as soon as he gets home it's like Monday Night Raw in our living room.  We either have a zoo creature on our hands or some sort of otherworldly entity has entered our cat's body to realize his plan of world domination.  

"There is no Jorah, there is only Zuul!!!"

    Rather than getting your kittens from the woods you might want to start out with something easier to manage, like a resin bobcat skull from DuBose Art and my favorite store in Baltimore, NoveltyHaus.  What you will miss out on in snuggle time you will gain back in savings on vet trips and poop sand.  And it glows in the dark!!!  Snag one of these impressive specimens this Friday, May 16th, at 5pm Eastern time from http://www.noveltyhaus.com/.  

    You should get some real kitties too in case you don't have any.  Or if you do have some get a few more.  They make life much more interesting.  

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