Monday, May 5, 2014

Clear Predator Pop! Vinyl from Funko x Gemini Collectibles

    I hope we never discover the trick to becoming invisible.  There are already enough creepy folks out there filming our every moves and the last thing we need is to make it easier for them.  Think about it, if you could be invisible what good would it do you other than to be able to creep around and be a weirdo.  Now if they could invent a way for me to shoot fireballs from the palm of my hands without the need of some mechanical device that would be cool.

   You know why Predators need to be invisible?  Cause they want to kill you.  And look at you in the shower.  They're the perviest of all alien species.  Funko and Gemini Collectibles are offering up this clear Predator Pop! Vinyl for preorder right now, so you should totally buy one and forget all that other stuff I just said.

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