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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Warm Thoughts Polystone Statue from Death & Milk x Mighty Jaxx

    Well this is different.  I tease my wife all the time about taking her to the Pocanos and staying in one of those theme hotel rooms with the giant martini glass bathtubs and heart shaped beds.  I'm not sure who convinced so many people that particular configuration was the height of elegance, but they're still around today.  Martini bathtubs aside, my favorite place in the Poconos to visit is this little roadside zoo that has a cobra on display that killed its owner, who was one of those venomous snake collectors you sometimes read about when bad things happen.  Murder Cobra is so damn aggressive you can only view him through tiny peepholes otherwise he would just try and kill everyone who walks by.  Maybe he's just pissed that no one ever took him on a couple's retreat in one of those hotels that he knows is only slithering distance away. 

    Now of there were giant skull tubs I would have no problem convincing my wife that a weekend getaway was in order.  I applaud Mighty Jaxx for teaming with Death & Milk to create something that's truly interesting to look at.  A lot of times the "art" aspect of art toys gets forgotten about in exchange for recycled ideas that are safe bets in terms of sales.  I am starving for a story and just looking at this, without knowing anything about it, you can tell there's more to it than just looking cool.  There's obviously a larger narrative, which is refreshing to see. 

    This polystone statue stands 8 inches tall and retails for $219 with free worldwide shipping.  They're available now at

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Mighty Jaxx Exclusive Skull Flower from Tara McPherson x Toy Qube

    As the cold, depressing grip of late fall/early winter chokes out the sunlight on New Jersey, I am trying to remember all of the success my wife and I had with our gardening efforts this year.  She enjoyed a bountiful harvest of peppers, though our attempts at growing eggplant produced nothing but no edible runts. All of the blueberries were consumed by the chipmunk that lives under our porch which I don't really mind because I'd like to think he looks forward to them every year.  Flower-wise we were smarter this year, as we only planted things that could tolerate a healthy amount of neglect and that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds for the cats to watch.  Right now the only color outside of our house comes from the uncarved pumpkins that are well past their expiration date and that I'm scared to pick up lest they explode in my hands and cover me in their gore.  I can see it now as I go to toss them into the woods and their already soft rinds give way, ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes.  Whatever happened to juvenile delinquents stealing them to throw them at houses they didn't like?  Please, come and take them!

     This Skull Flower from Tara McPherson perfectly illustrates the grave yard that is my flower bed this time of year.  Death thrives in the damp mud left behind from melted snow fall and the only thing that will grow is the shortening of daylight.  Alas, before I start reciting The Raven, let me tell you that this exclusive Mighty Jaxx version of this figure will be released on Saturday, December 14th at 9am eastern time for $55 (which includes world wide shipping).  You can snag one for yourself by visiting  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It's Review Time, Suckers!!!! Featuring The Tenacious Toys Exclusive Humpek from Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx

       Should you ever need a sign that your child's birthday party has taken a turn for the worse; you know beyond the typical crying, vomiting, or inebriated parents loudly discussing the terms of their separation, I present to you Humpek.  Like the name infers, these are two balloon dogs caught in the middle of life's most loving embrace.  I swear, you can't turn your back on one of those birthday clowns without them going off the rails and teaching biology in between the cake and presents.  Stick to the itinerary, you freak!

From this angle it could be seen as an innocent piggy back ride.

    This vinyl toy is the creation of an artist know as Whatshisname, which may be a clever moniker intended to deceive Jeff Koons as to where to send the cease and desist letters.  Can you believe that man actually tried to claim a copyright ownership of balloon animals?  Oh, maybe he'll send me a cease and desist letter for mentioning his name on here.  I've never gotten one of those before, though I'm sure that fact speaks more to my limited audience than to my penchant for typing out what my mind thinks.  If I got one I would hang it on my fridge and I would be insufferable at diner parties, unable to speak about anything else than how the guy who is famous for making hotel lobby art sent me a letter telling me to behave myself before legal action be taken.  Bring it, fancy boy.

The bottom doggy is obviously just helping the other one reach something on a high shelf.

   Ok, I got a little off track there living out my legal fantasies with an artist who irritates me.  Moving on.  This toy was produced by Mighty Jaxx as an homage to how little baby ballon animals are made.  You never see baby balloon animals at all, do you?  That's because the mommy and daddy keep them well hidden from predators like hawks, coyotes, safety pins, over sharpened pencils, etc.  There really are a lot of dangers out in the world for those little guys.  It could also be that tiny balloon animal babies would be extra hard to make with those chubby sausage fingers that birthday clowns all seem to possess.  Those giant digits are great for choking out your cell mate on your felony drug possession stretch, but are a hinderance once you start working the party circuit.

Only Westminster is more thorough in their canine reviews. 

   It's been a minute since I've last reviewed a toy, so I keep getting distracted by the very nature of this creature.  The folks at Mighty Jaxx did a bang up (pun intended) job in making these two love pups a reality.  The piece itself is flawless in terms of construction, which had to be a nightmare considering all of the individual bits that were needed to put one together.  Making something this complex look as though it isn't is no easy task, but they pulled it off.

Still Life

   In creating art the devil is certainly in the details, so imagine how surprised I was when I opened the box (which by the way is the most secure shipment of anything I've ever received) and out popped a jimmy hat.  And it's even got a joke on it.  The only joke I ever heard about condoms was when my step father gave me some in high school.  That was the joke, because I had absolutely no use for them.

   That fancy blue that you've seen in all of these pictures is the exclusive colorway of Tenacious Toys, so that means if you want to own this very one that is the only place you can get it.  I love the color because it stands out against everything else in my house, which my wife and I have attempted to make look like the Parisian apartment of a very rich, yet also kinda crazy, art collector.  Being that I've never been to Paris, let alone in anyone's apartment who was a lunatic patron of the arts, I have no idea how close we've come to nailing the aesthetic.  I also have no way of knowing that we didn't, so I'm calling it a success.

Wednesday refuses to be a pawn in the modern art game.  

   On a side note, this is the second time I've reviewed a toy that was captured in this very act.  I'm not sure what that means in the greater scheme of things, but it felt worth noting.  Also, this may be the review that finally ruins any chance I had at ever running for public office.  Can you see the attack commercials of my opponent?  That would be hilarious and I'd like to declare my candidacy for Senate.

   This is by far the strangest thing I now own, and I am the proud caretaker of a mummified fetal pig and an antique tubular specula, which is fancy speak for an inner butt flashlight (cash only, no insurance plans accepted).  Having one of these on your shelf is sure to jump start conversations that are guaranteed to be more interesting than you could even imagine.   It's fun, it's irreverent, it makes me laugh, and it sent my imagination in all different directions as you can see from the paragraphs above.  If you want to add a good time to your collection, visit today and pick up one of these.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Vinyl Bunnywith Figure from Alex Pardee x Mighty Jaxx

   Bunnywith is an inspiration to us all.  How many of us have sat around, watching Jerry Springer reruns and eating pork rinds by the pound rather than getting out there and living our dreams?  And yet here is a fictional rabbit, without the benefit of arms, that is making it happen everyday despite such obvious challenges.  In these dark times it is so important to recognize the good in the world and this bun bun is someone we can all look to for guidance.

 Bunnywith has shown up in hundreds of incarnations courtesy of its creator Alex Pardee, and now Mighty Jaxx is turning him into vinyl.  Available for a mere 24 hours starting on Saturday, December 9th at 9:59am eastern time.  The final edition size will be determined by the amount ordered, and stuff.  Buy one for yourself at

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Five Points Festival Exclusive Soul Collector from Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx

    No, you are not looking at the latest piece of jewelry from some rapper whose name makes no sense; you are looking at the first eight inch Gold Life figure from Huck Gee and Mighty Jaxx.  The Soul Collector looks like he takes his name seriously, with a giant cleaver looking thing to help separate your spirit from its fleshy cage.  My wife collects Pyrex so maybe I should get her a mean looking knife for when we're searching the local Goodwills.  Things can get pretty competitive in the hunt for vintage cookware and she would absolutely cut you for a five dollar Pink Gooseberry bowl, so don't test her.

  This beauty has been painted in Mr. T's favorite color and is an exclusive for this weekend's Five Points Festival in New York.  This will no doubt be an extremely desirable figure to obtain so if you're going I would hunt down the Mighty Jaxx booth first thing so you don't miss out on what would be an MTV Cribs-level addition to your collection.  

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Backpack Invisible Edition from Alex Pardee x Mighty Jaxx

   I'm a bit worries that this toy is based on something that can happen to me in real life.  That someday I'll be walking down the street and an evil imp will drop from a tree and latch on to my back like a barnacle.  Upon securing himself firmly to my central nervous system, he will then force me to follow Nickelback on tour all around the country and refuse to chip in for gas or the therapy I'll need after having to witness Nickelback play 28 times in a row.  You're lucky I'm here to help keep you safe by bringing awareness to such fictional issues.

    Alex Pardee resides in Florida, which is the state I would expect to have something like this happen.  After all they still have dinosaurs roaming around and everyone rides ATV's to work.  This is The Backpack, which like Human Centipede, is a name that seems to down play the seriousness of the affliction.

    This crystal clear edition was produced by Mighty Jaxx and is available right now by visiting  Study it and find the cure before it consumes us all!


Friday, November 11, 2016

Even More tokidoki XXRay Figures from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

    Oh I never claimed to know it all, and I didn't realize that all four of the tokidoki figures that
Jason Freeny dissected and Mighty Jaxx produced would be released at the same time.  Now you don't have to worry as to when you can complete your collection.  Just the click of a mouse, a credit card number, and BAM, they arrive at your door.  Not like, right away BAM, but soon thereafter, probably on a day that would have sucked big time otherwise had you not had a box of toys waiting for you on the porch.  Pick em up tomorrow, November 12th, from

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Your Favorite tokidoki Characters Are Getting the XXRay Treatment from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

     Is there no toy safe from the intrusive blade of Jason Freeny?  His surgeon's blade has allowed him to take a childhood curiosity of an object's inner workings and transform it into a mad obsession with turning beloved characters into anatomical studies.  Actually, I think these are really cute and I'm just lamenting because my wife is a huge tokidoki fan and I know she's going to want these, which means I'm gonna have to start skipping meals or something.  Being a good husband is hard work.

    Mighty Jaxx will be releasing the first two figures in this collaboration on Saturday, November 12th through their website  If history is any indication these should be really affordable which is good for you fellow ballers on a budget, because like I mentioned before, these are merely the first two and more are on their way.  

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Backpack from Alex Pardee X Mighty Jaxx

    I have a cat named Jorah who likes to pounce on you and ride around on your shoulders when you aren't paying attention.  If you're lucky he jumps from somewhere high and lands squarely and sure footed.  If you're less lucky he will scale the back of your legs until he reaches his destination, leaving you with a trail of seeping claw marks along the way.  Sometimes I wonder if he sees himself as an evil genius a la Krang and I am just his monkey that he uses to do his bidding because I am taller and can reach the stuff he wants.  Sometimes I wonder if I overthink things.

    At least Jorah has never looked like he was going to bite my skull cap off.  Not like I would know anyway because we don't have room on our walls for silly things like mirrors, but this duo from Alex Pardee and Mighty Jaxx really puts his antics into perspective.  And their symbiotic relationship is still healthier than anything that's ever been on Dr. Phil.  Only 200 of these best pals were made and they are available right now for $120 at


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preorders Are Open for Huck Gee's and Mighty Jaxx's Gold Life Figures

    When I heard the phrase "Gold Life" I had images of living like a rap star with gold teeth and chains and maybe a 24k platted car that would one day get repossessed cause of that nightclub incident and the ensuing lawsuit that wiped out my fortune.  Of course I would make a pretty gangsta comeback by doing commercials for strip mall colleges that help you becomes a medical assistant and by being a clue on Jeopardy, all of which will rebuild my street cried and lead to my resurrection tour and my ability to catch up on my child support payments which the judge wouldn't lower even when times were tough.  Then soon after once I have regained my former glory I will OD on Sprite and cough syrup and then my hologram will go on tour and I'll keep releasing albums that were supposedly recorded before I died but I'm just low key dropping tracks from the grave because the peace from death has given me mad time to reflect and tighten my lyrical approach.  Not that I've thought this through or anything.

   In reality The Gold Life is a a world created by Huck Gee that is way more feudal Japan than early '90's Compton.  The first three figures from this new series are being produced by Mighty Jaxx and are available for preorder right now from just about anywhere that sells designer toys.  There's three different figures and at only $25 each it would be a crime not to get them all.  Not like a felony or anything, but still a crime.

Friday, August 19, 2016

XXRay Harley Quinn from Jason Freeny X Mighty Jaxx

    I haven't seen Suicide Squad yet because I am cheap and my wife is violent towards unruly strangers, but I heard a lot of folks complaining about it because the Joker is supposedly not in it much.  Instagram has lead me to believe that no one cared about any other character than Harley Quinn and studies have shown that you are seperated by no more than five degrees from a girl dressed up as Ms. Quinn, which doesn't make me upset by any means.  Now the Joker on the other hand looks like he's gonna be slinging nitrous balloons at this year's Gathering of the Juggalos, and that's way more frightening than anything my heart can withstand.  So maybe it's good his screen time is limited to a digestible amount.  Not that I'll have a real opinion until it's on DVD and I can trick someone in to letting me borrow it.

    There are other characters being released by Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny this weekend, but Harley is my boo, so it's the only one I really want.  You can grab her and her other 4 inch tall compadres this Saturday, August 20th at 10 am eastern time from  Id it too early to start begging for Christmas presents?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Death is Coming Courtesy of Godmachine x Mighty Jaxx

   We have a cat named Jorah, who we try to keep an eye on at all times, because the moment you lose sight of him he is plotting your demise.  He's not malicious in any sense, but his manner of amusement usually ends with my wife and I debating whether or not stitches are called for.  There was a time when we thought we had maybe brought in some new species of wild cat, as all would be quiet one minute and the next he's riding our shoulders like a rodeo bull.  He's cute though, which is his saving grace.

    If I could keep an eye on any other being, Death would probably be a good choice, as he is equally prone to strike without warning.  Now Godmachine and Mighty Jaxx are giving you the chance to curb his shenanigans by inviting him into your home.  I would place that sucker right by the tv, cause that's what I spend the most time staring at.  He will be available beginning May 21st at 10am est from  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kidrobot at Designer Con

    Kidrobot is going to Designer Con.  I am not.  I am sad.

    I already have an appointment scheduled to go and talk about my feelings, so try not to worry to much about me as you try to get one of the always popular Blown Away custom Dunnys from Josh Mayhem.  These dudes practically sell out as quick as he can make em, so I can guarantee they're gonna be one of the quickest things to be snatched up during the show.  And rightfully so, cause just by looking at that picture you can tell a lot of work goes into them.  And the finished result looks like candy coated goodness.  

    The next version of J*RYU's It's a F.A.D. Dunny is presented in 20 inches of luxurious pearlescent.  You will be the envy of your friends, the subject of dinner party conversations, and the object of vile jealous rumors (its inevitable) once you own one of these beauties.  See, they practically sell themselves.  You can also meet the man behind the Dunny as he live paints one on Saturday at 4pm and again Sunday at 3pm.  

    Tweety Bird is kinda putting on a USDA Grade vibe in this vinyl interpretation from Mark Dean Veca.  This certainly won't deter any putty tats from making a delicious mid afternoon snack out of his bulbous head.  This red version will make its first ever appearance this weekend and may inspire a new culinary phenomenon with canary burgers as the staple ingredient.  Pet Smart should stock up.  You can meet Mark during his signing on Saturday at 11am.

    There will be more exclusives and signings with Amanda Visell (Saturday at 2pm) and Scott Tolleson (Sunday at 11am) and a panel with Frank Kozik and others talking all things Kidrobot.  Check it all out at booth #'s 518/521. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

NewEva by Ajee x Bonustoyz x Mighty Jaxx

    I really love the work of Ajee.  When her Kosplay figure was announced I preorded one the moment I was able to.  It's still one of my favorite toys I own, if you can really even call it that.  Her work is much closer to fine art than it is anything you would find in Toys R Us, and though her releases do not happen often, they are always striking.  For this NewEva piece she teamed with the folks at Mighty Jaxx and the results speak for themselves.  The baseball cap makes this figure lean in a much more urban direction, which I'm normally not into, but for some reason I don't mind so much here.  It reads as more of a disguise than it does a nod to self indulgent, brand name culture.  The figure is 6 inches tall and is available to preorder right now from the Bonustoyz website here.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dripple Series 1 Platform Toy from Sket-One and Mighty Jaxx

    I enjoy a good platform toy.  I like the fact that it's one basic shape and it's up the artist to really bring it to life while making it unique.  Mighty Jaxx has teamed up with Sket One to produce their first ever platform toy, Dripple.  There are two things about this figure that I think make it successful.  The first is a huge area in which to put designs.  They're not limited by little stubby arms or legs or really harsh angles, so the art really has a chance to be unrestrained.  The second is that the arms are all interchangeable and they will be making more accessories to go along with the figures, so you can mix and match them however you want.  Not only does that give you options for display, but customizers will have more choices when making their own creations.  

    Now, they need your help to get this series into production.  They are raising the funds right now over at and it works the same way as Kickstarter.  There are different levels of rewards for your contribution, including some hand made figures, complete sets, and even a three foot tall Dripple.  They've actually just hit their main goal a few hours ago, but they still need help in hitting those stretch goals and unlocking more cool stuff.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Skull Bomb from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx Dropping January 2nd

    If this is any indication of how many cool things are going to come out in 2014 then I'm gonna have to go ahead a find a good bankruptcy attorney.  How cool is this?  The answer is "very cool".  Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx got together to create this Skull Bomb that releases world wide on January 2nd.  For a mere $79 (can I borrow $79?) you can be one of 100 people to own this solid resin sculpture that would probably cause a slight panic if you tried to take it through airport security.  Get one for yourself by visiting and start thinking of some really good answers for all of the questions you'll be asked in that dark little airport security room as some government agent snaps his rubber gloves on.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

myplasticheart: First Exclusives for NYCC Revealed

    Thank God people are starting to release exclusive info for New York Comic Con.  I like to develop a game plan early on to determine the things I have to have and the longer I have to desire it, the more likely I am to take extreme measures to ensure I get it.  Will I push a kid out of the way?  Maybe.  Hey, what's the point of being bigger than them if you can't knock em over.  Ok, I wouldn't really do that...unless no one was looking, cause who's gonna believe some kid over me?  

    myplasticheart always have a ton of exclusive offerings every year and these are but the first two that they've allowed us to see.  The first is this Sideways bro from Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx.  They're really turning the idea of the designer toy on it's head (see, this is why Abraham Lincoln called me, and I quote, "The comic genius of our time".  It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true.)  He looks pretty calm and collected for not being able to pick his head up off the ground.  Only 100 pieces were mae and it will be $85 throughout the convention.

    This next guy from Dave Bondi is looking all sorts of familiar.  It's like a couple of well known characters met on Match.Com, had a nice evening out, things got crazy, and nine months later this is the permanent reminder of their first date.  Fifty of these were made and they will cost $65 each.  Both artists will also be in attendance sometime during the con to sign your figures/give you high fives.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bad Apple Liquid Erosion from Mighty Jaxx

    Snow White is evidently not a fan of the heat either, though thankfully I've never been hot enough to actually melt.  Instinctoy have added this subtle touch to the ridiculously popular Bad Apple figure from Goin x Mighty Jaxx.  Only 150 of each color grenade were made and they will retail for $150 each.  Now onto the confusing part.  There are different windows of preorder time available depending on where you live in the world.  I am going to present this info to you directly as it was stated on Mighty Jaxx's Instagram account:

4th August 2013 Los Angeles 8pm New York 11pm 5th August 2013 London 4am Singapore 10am Japan 11pm 

    So if you live in the United States, your window of opportunity is tomorrow.  If you live elsewhere, it's gonna be on Monday.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hug The Killer Army Green Edition from Mighty Jaxx

    I've made it a rule to never hug anything with razor sharp teeth.  Thus far, that rule has kept me alive and in good health.  Sorry Aunt Claire, it's not that I don't love you, it's that you filed your dentures down in some weird DIY dementia moment.  It's creepy.

    Hug The Killer looks like he is filled with bad ideas.  Most of them involve your flesh and how good it would feel digesting in his belly.  Mighty Jaxx are offering up this critter in a new army green color way in an edition of 50 right now at

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sideways from Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx

    I'm no stranger to having a large melon.  Not that it's ever prevented me from wearing hats or fitting through door ways, but I have a lot of skull.  Nowhere near this guy I used to know though, as his head was the biggest I've ever seen.  And he wasn't that smart either, so he wasn't storing a wealth of knowledge in that thing.  I think he may have been renting it out to a family of squirrels.  But even he could stand upright.  

    Not so much with this guy from Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx.  His head is so massive that he is powerless to lift it from the floor.  Only 200 of these were made comprised of a wood head and a resin body.  They will be available for preorder this Thursday, June 6th, from

    On a side note, I really enjoy the way Mighty Jaxx mixes up their releases.  You never know what to expect from them and they are really the only toy company I can think of that is completely unpredictable.  Kudos to them for making what they love and not catering to what they think people want to see.