Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Warm Thoughts Polystone Statue from Death & Milk x Mighty Jaxx

    Well this is different.  I tease my wife all the time about taking her to the Pocanos and staying in one of those theme hotel rooms with the giant martini glass bathtubs and heart shaped beds.  I'm not sure who convinced so many people that particular configuration was the height of elegance, but they're still around today.  Martini bathtubs aside, my favorite place in the Poconos to visit is this little roadside zoo that has a cobra on display that killed its owner, who was one of those venomous snake collectors you sometimes read about when bad things happen.  Murder Cobra is so damn aggressive you can only view him through tiny peepholes otherwise he would just try and kill everyone who walks by.  Maybe he's just pissed that no one ever took him on a couple's retreat in one of those hotels that he knows is only slithering distance away. 

    Now of there were giant skull tubs I would have no problem convincing my wife that a weekend getaway was in order.  I applaud Mighty Jaxx for teaming with Death & Milk to create something that's truly interesting to look at.  A lot of times the "art" aspect of art toys gets forgotten about in exchange for recycled ideas that are safe bets in terms of sales.  I am starving for a story and just looking at this, without knowing anything about it, you can tell there's more to it than just looking cool.  There's obviously a larger narrative, which is refreshing to see. 

    This polystone statue stands 8 inches tall and retails for $219 with free worldwide shipping.  They're available now at www.mightyjaxx.com.

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