Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Love Finn Universe Street Party Float from Kaize Toys x Cop A Squat Toys

   Lawd have mercy these are the toys we need right now.  These guys got all the happy juices flowing in my brain in a way that doesn't normally happen without a doctor's prescription.  Yeah, mostly I'm into monsters and dead things and and spooky stuff but there's something about brightly colored elephants in cars that hits me just the right way.  They make a day full of conference calls on Zoom feel way less like amateur dental surgery.

     I always dig the work of Cop a Squat Toys and that includes what he does to toys that aren't his, including these from Kaize Toys.  Obviously you want these, so now I'm gonna tell you how to get one:

Love Finn Lottery Info Open now until Friday May 29th noon EST

 * $130 plus shipping (USPS Priority)

* US only

* 1 entry per person please

Email the following info to

 * Real name
 * IG name
 * PayPal address
 * Shipping address
* Which paint app you prefer (Green or Yellow head)

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