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Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 Summer Convention Exclusives from FYE

    One of the most peculiar sights during Five Points Festival didn't involve the typical weird stuff you see in New York any time you do a bit of walking around the city.  It wasn't the lady who tried to stab the guy with a pair of scissors, or the stacked up Easter bunny blow mold figures that were an apparent work of art along the street.  Nope, it was that FYE was exhibiting during the convention.  Yes, as in FYE the mall store that is known for selling cds and dvds.  I know they've been pretty heavy in the Pop! Vinyl game for a while, but I was very curious what they would have to offer to the more discerning designer toy crowd.  I'll have to admit I was pretty shocked, as not only were they selling the stuff we know and love but they even held a signing with Ron English.  Getting a large retailer like FYE involved in our rather niche market is a pretty big deal.  Toy R Us had dabbled a little before going under, so this could not only fill that void but it could expose the toys we all love to an entirely new customer base, which is never a bad thing.  More interest equals more opportunities for artists to produce even more product.

   Which brings me around to the point of this post, which is that FYE have teamed up with Jason Freeny and Andrew Bell to create a fresh batch of Summer Convention exclusives.  And the best part is you don't have to be an attendee of San Diego Comic Con to get your hands on these, as all of them are available right now for everyone to preorder.  You can stay home in your underwear and have them all delivered right to your door.  You should put some pants on when the delivery guys shows up though, just cause not everyone is prepared for the special type of magic you bring to the table.

    Let's take a closer look now at what's available and some practical info about each:

    First up, Jason Freeny is playing the nostalgia game hard with his dissected take on some Nickelodeon favorites.  There's an 8 inch Reptar figure as well as a 4 inch blind boxed series from Spongebob Squarepants. The great thing about it is if you're a completist like I am, you have the option of buying the entire set that comes with every regular figure, all of the chase versions, and a set only exclusive glow in the dark Spongebob figure as a bonus.  Only 200 of the complete collector's set are available.


    You can't have comic con without something from an actual comic, and they have that with this Superman Steel Edition.  You wanna see what makes the Man of Steel so tough?  Just peek inside at his inner workings and realize he's not so different from all of us.  Does that mean that we are all secretly Superman and it's just a state of mind that separates us from greatness?  Getting a little deep there.

    Finally we have Andrew Bell's Kill Kat, which looks like it can't wait to nibble on your intestines.  How come in America we only get one flavor of that delicious candy bar this is based on when in other parts of the world they have a ton of different ones?  I feel like I'm being punished for something I don't remember doing.  How am I supposed to learn an actual lesson from the withholding of delicious treats?

    Get em all now before someone else does at

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Half Ray Dunny from Jason Freeny x Kidrobot

    Uggh, my guts feel like the great heathen army has made landfall and is systematically destroying all they come across.  What god I have angered I have no idea, but I would happily produce a written statement apologizing for my misdeed.  I won't print it though, because I need to buy more ink and that stuff is expensive.  I've been milking this last cartridge down to fumes.

    There's something to be said for having most of your guts outside of your body and making it easy to diagnose all that ails you.  That something would most likely sound like "gross" or "yuck" from everyone that comes across you, but they're probably just jealous cause you are so unique.  Having your guts on the inside is so 2016.  
     Set the trend with Jason Freeny's new Half Ray Dunny from Kidrobot.  This anatomical wonder stands 5 inches tall and was bio engineered by the folks at Bigshot Toyworks.  He (or she I suppose) will come in both white and the exclusive black edition with glow in the dark innards.  Both will be available tomorrow, Friday, June 9th, to add a bit of modern art to your cabinets of curiosity.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Eight Inch Anatomical Dunny from Jason Freeny x Kidrobot


    Let me tell you something.  I've had this toy in my hands for a few days now and it is the greatest Dunny ever made.  There, I've said it and if I had a rock tablet, a hammer, and a chisel I'd preserve that opinion for future generations to come.  I remember seeing Jason Freeny's original artwork depicting this guy and thought how cool it would be if they could actually make it.  Then Kidrobot enlisted the amazing production services of Bigshot Toyworks and the result is beyond my expectations.  Now I am a sucker for anything medical to begin with, as you can see right here with my new Dunny posing lovingly with an antique instrument used to explore your darkest of secrets (your butt):

    Look how awesome he looks!  Not that he would need much exploration because all of his bones and guts are on full display.  Could you imagine if people all of a sudden looked like this?  Like one morning we all woke up with transparent skin that exposed all of our insides to anyone who wanted to see them?  I feel like there could be some heavy social commentary there.

    This guy goes on sale this Friday (March 17th) and there are two different versions for you to collect:  the regular edition that I have and also a special glow in the dark version that is exclusive to and uber limited at only 200 pieces.  Don't sleep on this one because I'm predicting it's going to be insanely popular and you will seriously regret not having one when you out of the blue decide that collecting human skulls is gonna be your new thing.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Even More tokidoki XXRay Figures from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

    Oh I never claimed to know it all, and I didn't realize that all four of the tokidoki figures that
Jason Freeny dissected and Mighty Jaxx produced would be released at the same time.  Now you don't have to worry as to when you can complete your collection.  Just the click of a mouse, a credit card number, and BAM, they arrive at your door.  Not like, right away BAM, but soon thereafter, probably on a day that would have sucked big time otherwise had you not had a box of toys waiting for you on the porch.  Pick em up tomorrow, November 12th, from

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Your Favorite tokidoki Characters Are Getting the XXRay Treatment from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

     Is there no toy safe from the intrusive blade of Jason Freeny?  His surgeon's blade has allowed him to take a childhood curiosity of an object's inner workings and transform it into a mad obsession with turning beloved characters into anatomical studies.  Actually, I think these are really cute and I'm just lamenting because my wife is a huge tokidoki fan and I know she's going to want these, which means I'm gonna have to start skipping meals or something.  Being a good husband is hard work.

    Mighty Jaxx will be releasing the first two figures in this collaboration on Saturday, November 12th through their website  If history is any indication these should be really affordable which is good for you fellow ballers on a budget, because like I mentioned before, these are merely the first two and more are on their way.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bigshot Toyworks Exclusives for NYCC


     Bigshot Toyworks never fails to deliver a diverse offering of items when they make an appearance at New York Comic Con, but this year they've got everything from a half dissected black metal gnome, to a familiar looking fried chicken baron, to a jacked up unicorn that's more pit fighter than Lisa Frank notebook cover.  Check out some photos of what will be available and pay them a visit at booth #309 during the convention.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Preorders Available Now for Ragnar The Metal Gnome from Jason Freeny X Bigshot Toyworks


    I just posted about this a few days ago and the gods have shown their favor towards you as preorders have now started for this killer figure.  The world's of Jason Freeny and Bigshot Toyworks collide in the most metal creature to ever stand guard over your vegetable patch...RAGNAR!!!!  Only 200 pieces exist of this beautifully dissected bro in this colorway and he's only $65, which is a steal for something this brutal.  Seriously, he's more brutal than what your mom's meatloaf does to my digestive track whenever I visit.  Woman needs to learn about take out.

   Secure him for your collection by visiting this link.  

Friday, September 2, 2016

Limited Edition Dissected Gnome from Bigshot Toyworks X Jason Freeny

    I was reading that the other day in Iceland a road crew had to go out and unearth a boulder they accidentally covered up because it pissed off the elves and they were taking their frustrations out on anyone who got close.  Not only did they dig it back up but they also pressure washed it to restore it to its former glory.  That would never happen in America because first we would have people fighting on Facebook as to whether the elves existed or not.  Then some idiot bureaucrat would figure out how much they owed the country in back taxes and send them a bill. Congress would probably pass legislation about which bathrooms they would be allowed to use, and people would have hunted them and made elf taxidermy earrings to sell on Etsy and none of this would have really been an issue to begin with because we would have taken their elven lands and put a strip mall there a long time ago.  I think I was meant to live in Iceland.

    I love the elves and their gnome kinfolk.  And I love black metal.  And I love anatomical gross stuff.  Has Bigshot Toyworks been camping out in my mind in an effort to create the perfect hybrid toy featuring all of my interests?  If somehow they could have worked cats and cable tv in I would have straight died of shock.  Not only is this metal loving gnome dude finally becoming a reality, but Jason Freeny has hacked off a section of him to let us all see his inner self.  This is the type of brutality that anyone starting a black metal band should aspire to, as setting fires and wearing corpse paint just isn't gonna cut it after seeing this.

    Only 200 pieces of  this dude will exist in the world and they will be up for preorder very very soon and also available at New York Comic Con and Designer Con it seems.  Keep up to date by checking out

Friday, August 19, 2016

XXRay Harley Quinn from Jason Freeny X Mighty Jaxx

    I haven't seen Suicide Squad yet because I am cheap and my wife is violent towards unruly strangers, but I heard a lot of folks complaining about it because the Joker is supposedly not in it much.  Instagram has lead me to believe that no one cared about any other character than Harley Quinn and studies have shown that you are seperated by no more than five degrees from a girl dressed up as Ms. Quinn, which doesn't make me upset by any means.  Now the Joker on the other hand looks like he's gonna be slinging nitrous balloons at this year's Gathering of the Juggalos, and that's way more frightening than anything my heart can withstand.  So maybe it's good his screen time is limited to a digestible amount.  Not that I'll have a real opinion until it's on DVD and I can trick someone in to letting me borrow it.

    There are other characters being released by Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny this weekend, but Harley is my boo, so it's the only one I really want.  You can grab her and her other 4 inch tall compadres this Saturday, August 20th at 10 am eastern time from  Id it too early to start begging for Christmas presents?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Seen at Toy Fair: Kidrobot

    Toy Fair is a weird experience for a website such as ours.  Most of it is filled with stuff for kids and doesn't really cater to the adult collector.  In the days leading up to it we get bombarded with emails from different companies wanting to show us the latest in technology for entertaining toddlers, which if they'd ever seen what we write about they wouldn't want us anywhere near them.  But Toy Fair can still be insightful and a good time for those of us that collect designer toys and my favorite booth to visit every year is the one manned by Kidrobot.

    Unlike past years where everything was a surprise when I got there, I had some ideas about what they would be showcasing because of the various teasers that have popped up on Instagram.  Lest you think that diminished my excitement level at all, because two toys in particular had planted their images in my head and I just had to see them in person.  

    Gaze upon the glory that is the collaboration between Franks: Kozik x Frazetta.  I feel like these two vinyl titans should come with their own fog machine and Norwegian black metal band.  These were the prototypes on display and we should be expecting at least one of them to be available this Summer.  I already have a space ready.

   Now for something a bit more on the precious side.  These vinyl renditions of Horrible Adorables felt sculptures are going to be must-own figures for me.  Not only will they look great in any toy collection, but they look like they could be used as accent pieces in some fancy home decor magazine shoot.  

   I believe these will be sold in window boxes so you can pick the ones you want, which is obviously all of them.  

    Jason Freeny is a man of curiosity, which is mainly focused on the inner workings of some of the world's most beloved characters.  Soon you'll be able to own this anatomical representation of Bugs Bunny and marvel at all the bits and pieces that make him tick.  I've got a cabinet of curiosities just begging for a bit of humor, and this would look lovely next to the electro shock machine.

(By the way, all of these toys were expertly produced by Klim and his team at Bigshot Toyworks, who are on point when it comes to making cool stuff.)

    Ok, if you don't own a really nice table top display case yet, let me give you a great excuse to buy one.  This Dunny Chess set from Otto Bjornik is truly a work of art and when you're not busy owning your friends in the classic game you're going to want to make sure it has a place of distinction in your house.  You will be able to buy the pieces in packs of two or you could just skip all that and get an entire set.  Either way, the figures come with squares that form the game board and buying them will probably impress your mom with how much culture you have.  

   Of course these are not all the new things Kidrobot had on display, these just happen to be my favorites.  There's new stuff coming from The Simpsons, Street Fighter, TMNT and more Labbits and Dunnys than you can shake a stick at.  Have you actually ever seen anyone shake a stick at a group of things?  That whole saying would be way more effective if you saw people doing that.  

    See more pictures at 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kidrobot at Designer Con

    Kidrobot is going to Designer Con.  I am not.  I am sad.

    I already have an appointment scheduled to go and talk about my feelings, so try not to worry to much about me as you try to get one of the always popular Blown Away custom Dunnys from Josh Mayhem.  These dudes practically sell out as quick as he can make em, so I can guarantee they're gonna be one of the quickest things to be snatched up during the show.  And rightfully so, cause just by looking at that picture you can tell a lot of work goes into them.  And the finished result looks like candy coated goodness.  

    The next version of J*RYU's It's a F.A.D. Dunny is presented in 20 inches of luxurious pearlescent.  You will be the envy of your friends, the subject of dinner party conversations, and the object of vile jealous rumors (its inevitable) once you own one of these beauties.  See, they practically sell themselves.  You can also meet the man behind the Dunny as he live paints one on Saturday at 4pm and again Sunday at 3pm.  

    Tweety Bird is kinda putting on a USDA Grade vibe in this vinyl interpretation from Mark Dean Veca.  This certainly won't deter any putty tats from making a delicious mid afternoon snack out of his bulbous head.  This red version will make its first ever appearance this weekend and may inspire a new culinary phenomenon with canary burgers as the staple ingredient.  Pet Smart should stock up.  You can meet Mark during his signing on Saturday at 11am.

    There will be more exclusives and signings with Amanda Visell (Saturday at 2pm) and Scott Tolleson (Sunday at 11am) and a panel with Frank Kozik and others talking all things Kidrobot.  Check it all out at booth #'s 518/521. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Mass Produced Figure for Cheapskates from the Sucklord

    You would think the title to this post was in some way derogatory, but it isn't at all.  I'm just helping the Sucklord maintain his personal brand of taking all your money then calling you an idiot for making it so easy.  The Sucklord is absolutely what the world of designer toys needs; someone who's bold, brazen, and more interesting than your art-school drop out cousin.  You can't help but admire his rebel spirit and even try to capture some of it for yourself by making the best outlaw-ish toy website the internet that refuses to make posts that involve the cut and paste function (wink wink).  

   I always want more Sucklord stuff, but I have to admit, I'm kinda cheap.  I'm cheap in the way that I believe doctors are for rich folk and when I take my trash to the dumpsters I'm looking at it just as much as a discovery expedition as it is one of disposal.  Were you aware that you can get $20 for a busted hot water heater?  And you can use your trash selling skills to buy new, affordable, toys.  Possibly you'd be interested in a new Sucklord 72 figure?  Snag yourself a silver one for $40 (open edition), a gold one for $60 (limited to 100) or a pink one for $65 (limited to 25).  Fo you uber fancy folks who are more liberal with your credit cards you could get one of the Jason Freeny Dissected versions in silver for $75 (limited to 20).   All of these and many more wonders of plastic await you at

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Skull Bomb from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx Dropping January 2nd

    If this is any indication of how many cool things are going to come out in 2014 then I'm gonna have to go ahead a find a good bankruptcy attorney.  How cool is this?  The answer is "very cool".  Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx got together to create this Skull Bomb that releases world wide on January 2nd.  For a mere $79 (can I borrow $79?) you can be one of 100 people to own this solid resin sculpture that would probably cause a slight panic if you tried to take it through airport security.  Get one for yourself by visiting and start thinking of some really good answers for all of the questions you'll be asked in that dark little airport security room as some government agent snaps his rubber gloves on.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Munky King's Remaining SDCC Exclusives On Sale Today

    Ooooooh I bet you thought you weren't going to get one of these.  You'll be happy to know that while they only made 100 of them, not all of this Luke Chueh/Jason Freeny collaboration made it to Munky King's booth at SDCC.  They weren't being sneaky about it, they just weren't able to finish them in time.  Production was going smoothly until one of them brought Downton Abbey season 3 to work and then depressed everyone, bringing work to a screeching halt.  Are Anna and Mr. Bates the only people destined to find happiness?  These go on sale today at noon Pacific time for $240.

    They also have a few of these worm crawly machiney thingys from Doktor A.  You can have one for $120 and they are also limited to 100 pieces.

Get em both today at

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Munky King Exclusives for SDCC

    I would most definitely fight a horde of nerds for this figure.  It features two of my favorite things: blood and guts.  Luke Cheuh and Jason Freeny teamed up to help this bear learn all about his insides.  Munky King produced 100 of these for Comic Con and each was hand made.  It is stunning to say the least and in my top 10 of must haves from this year's convention.  I wouldn't tell if they wanted to sell me one right now.  

    Doktor A doesn't make anything that isn't insane to look at and this might be his craziest piece yet.  What is nice about this is that it is listed as the Autumn Amble Edition, which would lead one to believe that future releases for us unable to make it to San Diego will occur.  

    This guy is kinda neat.  Anthony Ausgang released a similar version of this years ago, but he and Dave Pressler have changed up the sculpt and made 50 of them available in this uber limited edition.  Kitty gonna go boom.

Get all three of these by visiting the folks from Munky King at their booth.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Even More SDCC Exclusives from DKE

    Skinner just won Comic Con.  He took classic He-Man figures, replaced their heads with that of Charles Manson, and painted em up all nice and pretty.  Every idea that everyone else has ever had is officially dumb by comparison.  And they're only $150?  You can't even get him to think about painting something for you for $150, let alone get a complete, carded figure.  He's a busy man, and time is money.  I wonder what he did with all the heads he cut off?


    Didn't I just do a whole post yesterday about The Sucklord and his DKE exclusives?  Well, they snuck another one in there while I was napping.  Jason Freeny cut this sucker up to see how he ticks and rather than bury him again he's gonna sell him to you!  Everybody needs to know how autopsies work so they can better dispatch of their enemies without getting caught, and what could possibly be a more fun way to learn?  

    Jabba the Hut and those shut ins you see on tv really aren't that different.  Jabba just had money so he could hire a bunch of fools to do all the stuff he needed, like get him Chinese food and wash his back.  Alex Pardee has effectively captured the likeness of the galaxy's greatest invalid in this Bunnywith figure.  Now bring him some chicken and put his stories on.