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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Of tokidoki and Crane Machines: An American Tale of Success in the Face of Adversity

  This past weekend the weather was warm and the crane machines were calling me like the quarter stealing sirens they are, so Sharon and I headed down to Wildwood to satiate my arcade lust.  Now I don't consider myself an expert at crane games, but the chest full of prizes I've won for my wife since we've been together would probably say otherwise.  It's filled to capacity with random stuffed toys that I've snatched from plexiglass prisons with the steady hand of a vascular surgeon.  I like to think of myself as a freedom fighter for cheaply made, possibly unlicensed, boardwalk trinkets.

   Sharon is excited no matter what I happen to win for her, or at least she is kind enough to feign enthusiasm as I celebrate my show of masculinity.  But this time was different; this time there were objects marooned on a bed of plastic diamonds that I knew she would want:  tokidoki toys!  Yes indeed, one machine was filled with blind boxed toys from her favorite company.  I procured a roll of quarters from the attendant and set about my quest to win every single one.

    Spoiler alert:  things didn't go quite as planned.  I spent a few dollars trying to maneuver the crane into just the right position to be able to properly secure each box, but all attempts had failed.  Dejected I moved on, trying my luck at other rigged games of chance in order to salvage what dignity I had left when it came to my hand eye coordination, but at each machine the result was the same.  What was happening to me?  Were my powers stolen by some thief in the night?  When I was a baby my grandmother would freak out when our cat slept in the crib with me because she thought it would steal my breath.  Did something akin to this happen and one of my kitties now possessed a useless talent for carnival games?

    My head spun and I felt lost, but unlike a coed on senior week, I was not about to give it up so easily.  I returned to the tokidoki machine and I dug my heels in for a fight.  Determined to play until I was victorious or ran out of quarters, I tried again and again to snatch one of those toys from the gaping chasm of defeat.  A few times I was close, a few others not so much, until finally the claw of destiny grabbed tightly around the four corners of the box.  Breathless seconds past as it raised my prize high above, slammed it to an abrupt stop, then crept slowly towards me.  The claw swung back and forth as if its bounty was putting up one last fight before it finally accepted its fate and was dropped lovingly into the retrieval bin.  I had done it!  I had bested the machine, thus extending our dominance over our creations and putting off the robot apocalypse for a few more years.  The picture above shows my wife's hand lovingly displaying her prize.  And we all lived happily ever after.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sushi Cars from tokidoki

     Which of these two scenarios do you find to be the most dangerous:  eating sushi that you bought from a gas station, or filling up a car made of sushi and speeding down the New Jersey Turnpike at 80 miles an hour?  Either one will most likely end in your demise, but the first one would be much slower and more painful in areas you didn't know could hurt so badly.  Go ahead and try to find such poignant discussion on any other toy site.  We're expanding minds here, people!

    A real life car made of raw fish and rice is probably not the best idea, but in the world of tokidoki it makes perfect sense.  You didn't expect an array of characters such as this to be putzing around in a Lincoln did you, especially not after those creepy Mathew McConaughey commercials.  Cute folks drive cute cars no matter if you can figure out how the mechanics would translate into the real world or not.  They don't need engines, because they are obviously powered by adorable.  

    These blind box speedsters are available now at and wherever designer toys are sold.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Even More tokidoki XXRay Figures from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

    Oh I never claimed to know it all, and I didn't realize that all four of the tokidoki figures that
Jason Freeny dissected and Mighty Jaxx produced would be released at the same time.  Now you don't have to worry as to when you can complete your collection.  Just the click of a mouse, a credit card number, and BAM, they arrive at your door.  Not like, right away BAM, but soon thereafter, probably on a day that would have sucked big time otherwise had you not had a box of toys waiting for you on the porch.  Pick em up tomorrow, November 12th, from

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Your Favorite tokidoki Characters Are Getting the XXRay Treatment from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

     Is there no toy safe from the intrusive blade of Jason Freeny?  His surgeon's blade has allowed him to take a childhood curiosity of an object's inner workings and transform it into a mad obsession with turning beloved characters into anatomical studies.  Actually, I think these are really cute and I'm just lamenting because my wife is a huge tokidoki fan and I know she's going to want these, which means I'm gonna have to start skipping meals or something.  Being a good husband is hard work.

    Mighty Jaxx will be releasing the first two figures in this collaboration on Saturday, November 12th through their website  If history is any indication these should be really affordable which is good for you fellow ballers on a budget, because like I mentioned before, these are merely the first two and more are on their way.