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Friday, May 16, 2014

2014 Dunny Series from Kidrobot

    Let the love/hate/yearning/complaining begin as Kidrobot has posted the artwork that will be featured in this year's 2014 Dunny Series.  The set is entitled "The Art of War" so every design follows said theme.  Personally, I like the old series that were just random designs cause I feel you got more of a variety then.  I've also been collecting toys long enough to know that you can't determine how something is going to look in person based on their mock ups.  You miss out on all the sculpting and paint detailing, which really makes or breaks a figure.  

    One figure that is an obvious omission from the ones you see above is the Huck Gee design that they teased earlier:

    My guess would be that this is going to be the case exclusive figure that will only be available if you buy a full box of em.  He's been their biggest artist the entire year, so it makes sense they would dangle that carrot to entice you towards a bigger and more immediate purchase.  Those of us that wait will end up paying big time for it on eBay.  These will release sometime next month.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Artransmitte Exclusives for ToyCon UK

    You know what I always say: "The best hippie, is a dead hippie."  Actually, I've never said that, because hippies were long extinct before I was born.  I guess hipsters are sort of the same though, because they both have that natural, unwashed look.  Who cares about that nonsense though, cause these Dead Hippies from Patrick Wong are pretty awesome.  These little dudes are exclusives to Artransmitte's booth at ToyCon Uk tomorrow.  Only 30 exist and are sold blind with a 1/6 chance of getting a mint green chase.  

    Even more limited are these Wrong Mask 3 Dunnys from DrilOne.  Only 10 of these guys doing their best raven cosplay were made and were inspired by the artist's visit to the Tower of London and the raw-meat eating ravens that hang around the place.  Maybe they are the souls of the dead who were executed there.  Or maybe they're just hungry birds who love a free meal.  

Any leftovers from the con will be made available at