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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Skullhead Black Porcelain from Huck Gee x K Olin Tribu

   I have one experience with porcelain in my life and it involved high school ceramics class and a bad attitude.  We got to make whatever we wanted as long as there was no chance we could smoke something out of it.  The teacher had grown up in Philadelphia so he was wise to whenever some hillbilly kid thought they were being really slick.  I wasn't interested in smoking devices, but I was interested in being a weirdo so the first things I made were a set of loose teeth.  Having not fully filled my potential, nor having an adequate idea as to what I was going to do with them, I then turned my attention towards fashioning a toilet.  My methods were crude, so this was more abstract than the found and functional art of Duchamp, but it had character.  I decided it was an ash tray for the outlaw biker father I never had and a small drip of pride settled in at the bottom of my heart.  It was actually the second ash tray I had made in my life, the first being a rendition of Monstar's head from Silverhawks when I was in first grade.  The stranger thing about that is that no one I was related to ever smoke, so I have no idea why I decided everything had to be an ash tray.  Weird.

    You cannot as a matter of fact use this Skullhead figure as an ash tray because that would be dumb.  Huck Gee and K. Olin Tribu present their latest edition of this porcelain figure in all black, which is quite menacing looking.  Limited to an edition of only 50, and presented with a signed COA from the artist in a wooden box, you can order one of these now by visiting

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Superplastic's Kickstarter Campaign is Now Live

     I hope that Paul Budnitz of Superplastic will be at Five Points in June, because I need to learn the guy's secret.  Not only did he strike gold in the art toy world as the founder of Kidrobot, but he has returned to the exact same spot and found a giant oil reserve.  The Superplastic Kickstarter went up today in an effort to fund their new Janky blind box series and assorted other figures and it has already blown away its goal.  There's still 30 days left to go and it's already a guarantee that these figures will be produced and will be in the hands of collectors around the world.  It certainly takes a bit of the stress out of the whole process for people that backed it.  Now after you've selected the tier that your comfortable pledging all you have to do is sit back and wait for your figures to arrive in the mail.  Or if you're forgetful like I am you will be pleasantly surprised as you return home from a hard day's work and find a random box on your porch filled with things you forgot you ordered.  To me it ups the excitement level, or at least I tell my wife that in an attempt to stop her from making fun of me.

    There's still an entire month for you to get in on these limited edition figures, featuring art from Huck Gee, Junko Mizuno, Dalek, and many more.  Just visit this link here, select a price range that feels like it matches your baller status, and be a part of the birth of an entirely new toy company.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Blank in Porcelain from Huck Gee x K Olin Tribu

    I took a ceramics class in high school and for whatever reason I sucked at it.  It might have had something to do with the fact that I tried to make everything with my hands and not use any actual tools while sculpting.  So my toilet ashtray looked more dookie than Duchamp, though I did have one success on the wheel and was able to churn out a bowl that was probably safer to keep your spare change in that eat cereal from.  One thing I thought was really bogus is if someone had a piece in the kiln with a huge air bubble that sucker would not only explode but send shrapnel through everything else in there as well.  I swear if that hippie kid's "flower vase" had wrecked my bowl there would have been an issue.  He swore the art teacher had no idea what it was actually used for, even though I'm pretty sure his love for the devil's lettuce is how he ended up teaching a bunch of degenerates in the first place.

    I bet the folks from K. Olin Tribu tried a lot harder in art class than I did.  The proof is in every porcelain piece they create, like this Skullhead Blank from Huck Gee.  This thing is smoother than Billie Dee Williams and a great rendition of such a popular figure.  Owning one couldn't be easier, cause all you have to do is click that logo you see on the right there and follow the directions.  Now once you get him I would look for the most secure place in your house that isn't a proving grounds for your cats and their theories on gravity.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

SKLFKR: Untouched from Huck Gee x Clutter Magazine

    If I were president of America (which let's be real the standards of the job have been dramatically lowered to "can spell own name" and "can list favorite color")  one of my top priorities is approaching the United Nations about implementing the concept presented in the film Robot Jox to settle all disputes.  In case you're not familiar with said movie, it would involve each country building their own giant robots to duke it out in lieu of actual warfare.  Not only are we saving lives but we're saving a ton of money in military spending that can actually be diverted into more important areas.  Plus, you actually MAKE money by selling tickets to the fights and broadcasting them on pay per view.    Feel free to call me a genius at any time.  

    Who wouldn't watch this guy from Huck Gee and Clutter Magazine give Mecha Kim Jong the business end of that axe?  This twenty inch beast was engineered by the folks at Cubo, is made of a mixture of solid and rotocast resin, and features 11 points of articulation which is just below the legal limit.  You can preorder this white version for $300 when it goes on sale this Friday, July 28th, from  Until then you should start reinforcing the are where you're going to put him so you don't have one of those Breaking Bad bathtub through the ceiling incidents.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Five Points Festival Exclusive Soul Collector from Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx

    No, you are not looking at the latest piece of jewelry from some rapper whose name makes no sense; you are looking at the first eight inch Gold Life figure from Huck Gee and Mighty Jaxx.  The Soul Collector looks like he takes his name seriously, with a giant cleaver looking thing to help separate your spirit from its fleshy cage.  My wife collects Pyrex so maybe I should get her a mean looking knife for when we're searching the local Goodwills.  Things can get pretty competitive in the hunt for vintage cookware and she would absolutely cut you for a five dollar Pink Gooseberry bowl, so don't test her.

  This beauty has been painted in Mr. T's favorite color and is an exclusive for this weekend's Five Points Festival in New York.  This will no doubt be an extremely desirable figure to obtain so if you're going I would hunt down the Mighty Jaxx booth first thing so you don't miss out on what would be an MTV Cribs-level addition to your collection.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preorders Are Open for Huck Gee's and Mighty Jaxx's Gold Life Figures

    When I heard the phrase "Gold Life" I had images of living like a rap star with gold teeth and chains and maybe a 24k platted car that would one day get repossessed cause of that nightclub incident and the ensuing lawsuit that wiped out my fortune.  Of course I would make a pretty gangsta comeback by doing commercials for strip mall colleges that help you becomes a medical assistant and by being a clue on Jeopardy, all of which will rebuild my street cried and lead to my resurrection tour and my ability to catch up on my child support payments which the judge wouldn't lower even when times were tough.  Then soon after once I have regained my former glory I will OD on Sprite and cough syrup and then my hologram will go on tour and I'll keep releasing albums that were supposedly recorded before I died but I'm just low key dropping tracks from the grave because the peace from death has given me mad time to reflect and tighten my lyrical approach.  Not that I've thought this through or anything.

   In reality The Gold Life is a a world created by Huck Gee that is way more feudal Japan than early '90's Compton.  The first three figures from this new series are being produced by Mighty Jaxx and are available for preorder right now from just about anywhere that sells designer toys.  There's three different figures and at only $25 each it would be a crime not to get them all.  Not like a felony or anything, but still a crime.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Clear Skullhead Blanks from Huck Gee

   I tried to encase a miniature Klingon ship in resin once and it came out looking like a filthy bar of hard soap. Not to mention the fumes also made me nauseous because God forbid I research something's ability to kill me before I start playing around with it.  Hence the raccoon incident of 2007 and my last attempt at animal husbandry.

    I leave the resin casting to the masters cause they are smart enough to at least check Wikipedia to see how something is supposed to work.  Huck Gee obviously knows what he's doing as evidenced by these clear Skullhead blanks.  There almost too pretty to paint, but on the flip side I'm very interested in seeing what people are going to create with them.  You'll get a shot at owning one when they go on sale Thursday, January 14th at noon pacific time only at  There limited to 75 pieces and will be $150 each.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Skullhead Blank from Huck Gee Releases Tomorrow!!!!

    Huck Gee has been squirrels away in his secret laboratory for some time perfecting his very first blank resin figure and the time has finally come when you can own one.  Now the only question is will you be able to resist the need to paint it, or is the urge just too strong and you're gonna customize the living hell out of it?  Self control is hard work.

     These dudes stand 7 inches tall, are handmade in the good ol U S of A, and come signed by the man himself for $75 each.  I guess if they're signed that makes the decision to not customize them a little easier.  But who cares, cause they look really cool just the way they are.  Snag yourself one tomorrow, October 2, at noon pacific time from

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Gulf OBP from Huck Gee

  When I first moved to New Jersey I lived with my family right outside of Philadelphia.  That city made me dream big, and I was gonna do big things, but first I needed to get a job.  I started out with high expectations, maybe a little too high, and then kept lowering them day by day until I finally landed a gig selling home security systems.

 Door to door.

In some of the worst neighborhoods of the city.

   A van dropped me and a few other guys off on a corner early every morning and picked us up for lunch, then found another destitute are for us to try out until it was time to call it a day.  Dressed in khaki pants and polo shirts, we were often mistaken for cops.  So much so that I began carrying around one of the yard signs for the company I worked for just so no one thought I was there trying to investigate them.  It stopped me from getting called a narc, but it also had added benefit.  Once when someone wasn't interested In buying a full security system they asked if they could just buy the sign.  Cha-ching I had started my own little side business within the business that I couldn't make a penny off of in the usual way.  For twenty bucks you could have a sign, place that sucker in your window, and put just enough doubt in the mind of a burglar that they rob your idiot neighbors instead of you.

    I probably could have sold what I was actually supposed to if they has included something like this.  Imagine it: a little robot dude patrolling your domicile 24/7 and thwarting the efforts of hooligans at every turn with it's on-board defense system.  Now before you go bombarding me with nonsense about how a robot that's armed to the teeth is not necessarily the safest thing in the world, I've already thought about that.  That's why he'll be armed to the teeth with non-lethal ammo, like bean bags and whatever that stuff Spider-Man shoots from his wrist.

   I don't have the ability to make that a real thing, cause I'm just an idea man.  But Huck Gee has done the hard work of making it look cool, and that's really the first step to full fledged functionality.  The future of home security can be yours for a 24 hour window of time starting this Thursday, March 26th at noon pacific time.  They ain't cheap, but they're all handmade and they will elevate your home to a level of awesomeness you were previously unable to achieve.  Non-lethal awesomeness.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Not Another Heartless Bastard" Resin Bust from Huck Gee

    Ooooooh how did they get that sweet anatomical heart to float in the resin like that?  I'm sure there's some practical explanation that would be way more boring than the ideas I came up with.  First off was dwarf magic, because if they could make Thor's hammer, I'm pretty sure this is not a big deal.  My second guess was also dwarf magic, because the more you think about it the more sense it really makes.  I didn't bother with a third guess because I'm marking this mystery as solved and moving on to something else.  

    Huck Gee never fails to impress me with the things he releases and this is no exception.  Despite the fact that he's got some dirt on the dwarves that live beneath his studio and blackmails them into doing all of his work.  There's no law against it, unless you're dressing the neighbor kids up as dwarves and then running a sweatshop.  But hey, I'm no narc.  

    You know you want this piece of resin goodness that is ready just in time for Valentine's Day.  It will be released tomorrow, Friday the 13th, on what will be the newly relaunched  Limited to only 50 signed and numbered pieces, each 6 inch bust will retail for $200 when it drops at noon pacific time.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hazardous Taste Dunny from Sket-One x Huck Gee

    Anyone that knows me knows that I love orange Vitamin Water.  Or, I suppose I "loved" it until they recently changed the sweetener in it and made it taste disgusting.  Why do companies do that?  I couldn't have been the only person buying them by the case.  Sprite and 7up did it too in an effort to appease the health nuts and now both of those taste like drinking carbonated air freshener.  Their should be legislation that prevents stuff like this from happening.  We can call it the Lucas Law, in honor of the man who decided Star Wars was too brilliant and that he should add some cgi nonsense to it years later because being a billionaire is boring work unless you can ruin everything that people love.  Vitamin Water, you are the computer animated Jabba the Hut of the beverage world.  

    Ok, so this Dunny is called Hazardous Taste, but his contents look delicious, like that Ecto Cooler Hi-C put out years ago.  Couldn't be that bad for you, right?  Huck Gee and Sket-One have teamed up again for yet another impressive Dunny release.  And the clock has already started ticking on your ability to get one, because the window of opportunity to order closes when the clock strikes midnight tonight.  Only the amount ordered will be produced so you need to be a man (or woman) of action and get yourself in on the deal.    

Friday, May 16, 2014

2014 Dunny Series from Kidrobot

    Let the love/hate/yearning/complaining begin as Kidrobot has posted the artwork that will be featured in this year's 2014 Dunny Series.  The set is entitled "The Art of War" so every design follows said theme.  Personally, I like the old series that were just random designs cause I feel you got more of a variety then.  I've also been collecting toys long enough to know that you can't determine how something is going to look in person based on their mock ups.  You miss out on all the sculpting and paint detailing, which really makes or breaks a figure.  

    One figure that is an obvious omission from the ones you see above is the Huck Gee design that they teased earlier:

    My guess would be that this is going to be the case exclusive figure that will only be available if you buy a full box of em.  He's been their biggest artist the entire year, so it makes sense they would dangle that carrot to entice you towards a bigger and more immediate purchase.  Those of us that wait will end up paying big time for it on eBay.  These will release sometime next month.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dripple Series 1 Platform Toy from Sket-One and Mighty Jaxx

    I enjoy a good platform toy.  I like the fact that it's one basic shape and it's up the artist to really bring it to life while making it unique.  Mighty Jaxx has teamed up with Sket One to produce their first ever platform toy, Dripple.  There are two things about this figure that I think make it successful.  The first is a huge area in which to put designs.  They're not limited by little stubby arms or legs or really harsh angles, so the art really has a chance to be unrestrained.  The second is that the arms are all interchangeable and they will be making more accessories to go along with the figures, so you can mix and match them however you want.  Not only does that give you options for display, but customizers will have more choices when making their own creations.  

    Now, they need your help to get this series into production.  They are raising the funds right now over at and it works the same way as Kickstarter.  There are different levels of rewards for your contribution, including some hand made figures, complete sets, and even a three foot tall Dripple.  They've actually just hit their main goal a few hours ago, but they still need help in hitting those stretch goals and unlocking more cool stuff.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

World War Gee: The Yellow Zombie from Huck Gee


    So Huck Gee's recent production releases have been about as impossible to get as a Victoria's Secret model's phone number.  Those suckers sold out within minutes and left many sad folks around the world with empty shelf space.  If only there was a way that you could not only guarantee that you would get his next toy, but have it be even be constructed by his own hands.  Stop your bellyaching and rejoice because that's exactly what you can do starting tomorrow with this Yellow Zombie Dunny. You have 24 hours beginning at 1pm Pacific time to place your order for one of these, after which they will be produced and shipped off to their new owners.  He will only make enough to fill orders, so if you don't pull the trigger you will be sad forever.  Now this rotten little bunny rabbit ain't cheap at $450, but it is hand made and the quality is always impeccable.  This is something you can pass down to whichever grandkid comes and visits you at the nursing home the most.  Order yours at

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back in Black Skullhead Dunny from Huck Gee

    Isn't the term "skullhead" a bit redundant?  A skull can only be a head.  No one will confuse it with your skullfoot, or your skullbutt.  Skull need not be more specific than it already is.  I used to work at a clothing store and people would come in asking if we had shirts with "skullheads" on them and it would irritate me to no end.  Most of the irritation came from actually having to wait on people, but the skullhead thing bugged me too.

    No matter my objection to the word, Kidrobot and Huck Gee have indeed titled this the Skullhead Dunny.  I am willing to overlook my linguistic concerns in the face of such a cool figure.  I have the white one they released a few years ago and almost had to beat a man to death to get it.  The story actually goes I had already bought it and someone tried to buy it off of me as we were leaving the store.  I just wanted it to sound much more dramatic than it actually was.

    This 8 inch Dunny will retail at the very affordable price of $59.99 when it's released on March 20th.  For those keeping score at home this is the second 8 inch Dunny in a row from Huck.  That dude must know somebody.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Penelope McStompsalot 8 Inch Dunny from Huck Gee x Kidrobot

    Oh snap son, look at this thing!  By now you may have already seen this new and impressive 8 inch Dunny from Huck Gee and Kidrobot, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna put my two cents worth in.  I don't like to write about stuff the moment news is released about it.  I like to let the toy marinate in my head a little bit, and not succumb to any knee-jerk reactions I may feel upon the initial reveal.  Not that my feelings changed about this sucker one bit, because I am in love with it.  I have a soft spot for platform toys because I like to see what an artist will create while working within a set of parameters, such as the actual structure of the figure.  That's why I've always been a Dunny fan.  Of course not every design blows me away to the point that I must own it, but this is pretty spectacular.  And as if the giant mecha Dunny wasn't enough, it even comes with it's own little 3 inch driver.

    Crazy right?  And it comes in two different color schemes:  the black is a Kidrobot store and online exclusive, while the green will be available at retailers.  Now something this intense won't come cheap. It's gonna retail for $199.99, which isn't anything to sneeze at, but think about it like this:  you'd pay more for a tattoo on some random place on your body that you can't see without a setup of strategically placed mirrors, so why not for something that you will also own forever but can stare at on your shelf as much as you want?  That being said, I would love to borrow $200 from someone out there that is willing to quickly forget they loaned it to me.  Don't worry, you can think about it a little bit, as this isn't  going to be released until February 13th.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

World War Gee: The Purple Zombie from Huck Gee

    During the Christmas season, my local mall decided to have some sort of zombie walk and everyone who showed up in costume got $10 off a picture with Santa.  That was the very moment I thought I could never be excited about anything zombie related again.  Which I was fine with.  I love all of the George Romero films, but the recent zombie craze really never did much for me.  Then I heard Huck Gee was gonna be doing a series of zombie custom figures and my interest in the undead suddenly took a turn for the better.  I really liked his zombie Dunny figures and lo and behold his first release is a take on that very toy.

    Of course, this is a much more detailed version of the toy that Kidrobot produced a few years ago.  It's handmade, its a lot bigger, and it comes with cool little accessories like real tighty-whiteys and insect buddies that are there looking for a meal for their unborn kids.  

    Starting this Friday, January 17th at 1pm Pacific time, this figure will be on sale for exactly 24 hours at  After that they will all be made to order, so if you don't get one now you may never see it again.  They will be $450 each, so start applying for credit cards.  Remember, a healthy credit score is essential to getting lower interest rates on home mortgages and car loans, so build your credit while buying cool stuff.  I learned that from Wu-Tang financial.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dunny Evolved Launch Party at Kidrobot New York

    Kidrobot is releasing a new series of Dunnys during New York Comic Con and are having a little get together to celebrate.  You see that little flyer up there?  It has a lot of information.  Most of it is of some importance, but the RSVP info is probably what you should focus on right now.  And by focus on it I mean you should email that person and tell em you wanna go.  Cause if you don't you may be spending that chilly October night standing outside of Kidrobot New York while all the cool people are in there getting drunk and buying toys.  You'll have your face pressed up against the window, looking a bit mental and wishing you could be inside having fun.  So RSVP ya bum!  On a side note I will be driving back to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey while this party is happening because someone has to feed my cats, so I will need to live vicariously through you.  Don't let me down.