Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Skullhead Blank from Huck Gee Releases Tomorrow!!!!

    Huck Gee has been squirrels away in his secret laboratory for some time perfecting his very first blank resin figure and the time has finally come when you can own one.  Now the only question is will you be able to resist the need to paint it, or is the urge just too strong and you're gonna customize the living hell out of it?  Self control is hard work.

     These dudes stand 7 inches tall, are handmade in the good ol U S of A, and come signed by the man himself for $75 each.  I guess if they're signed that makes the decision to not customize them a little easier.  But who cares, cause they look really cool just the way they are.  Snag yourself one tomorrow, October 2, at noon pacific time from

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