Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Rotten Gourd" Marbled Sludge Demon from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Available Tonight

    Very few things in life make me happy.  There's my wife, my cats, cable television, grilled meat products, Slurpees, professional wrestling, and marbled vinyl.  God I love toys that are made with a multiple colors of plastic.  They give me a special feeling deep down in my soul each time I gaze upon their beauty.  You can't tell me you're not in love with these Sludge Demons from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore the way I am, and I'm so in love with them that I won't ever tell my therapist about it because he may try to have me committed.  

    I sure don't!  Especially being that these beauties are dropping tonight at 8pm eastern time over at  There will be unpainted versions for $75 and painted ones for $85.  They don't let you have access to the internet or your credit cards in the nut house.  At least that's what I heard anyway, it's not like I've been or anything.  Stop judging me.  

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