Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pimp2-D2's Pimp Speeder from Manly Art

    As someone wiser than me once said, pimpin ain't easy.  Especially in this economy, cause that recession just won't let up.  And then all those intergalactic hoes trying to unionize like they're working in a factory.  If that were the case pimpin would indeed be easy, though I doubt that's what Henry Ford had in mind when he developed the assembly line.  I gotta hurry up and finish this cause I need to go look at some warehouse properties if you know what I'm saying.  

    When you the biggest pimp in the galaxy like Pimp2-D2 is, you gotta have a fly ride with a sexy chauffeur so you can keep an eye on your investments.  And by investments I mean prostitutes.  He sure isn't making any money on real estate, that's a fool's game.  

    This set from Manly Art comes with everything you need to be the boss of your little corner of space.  Decorate your speeder with the included sticker sheet, or keep it plain so the police have a harder time stopping you from handlin' your business.  These go on sale tomorrow, October 21st, at noon CST only at http://manlyart.bigcartel.com.  Only 15 pieces are available, do don't be some live turkey driving your ladies around in your mom's Volvo station wagon.  I still miss that car.  

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