Thursday, October 15, 2015

Red October DC13 Astronauts Battle Set from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

    Ok, this one is a gimme so I'm gonna do it:  "You could say your hunt for Red October has come to an end."

"That's not funny."

    Suck it, Connery.  Your Scottish accent and ability to woe the entire female population of the world have no power here.   I'll make all the cheesy jokes I want, because I am a megalomaniacal dictator of this little piece of the internet and I intend to weird an iron fist when it comes to comedic content.  Shall we move on?

    Right this moment, even as you read this, there is a new lottery going on from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore for this super sick Red October DC13 Astronauts Battle Set.  You get two 10 inch tall figures with 9 points of articulation each.  That's way more articulation than you can probably handle, so try not to get overwhelmed.  But wait, that's not all cause you also get a set of wearable dog tags, a sticker, and a huge sew on patch so you can really immerse yourself in a space robot war fantasy. 

    As I stated before this lottery is happening now and will close just before midnight eastern time tonight.  Winners will be notified tomorrow.  Get on it at

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