Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bewitching 5 Opens at Stranger Factory Tomorrow

    I love Halloween.  Not that I actively participate in it per se, but I love it because I don't have to decorate.  The inside of my house already looks like Charles Manson got a sweet foreclosure deal on Pee Wee's Playhouse, so I'm prepared all year long.  I even have a black cat, so my Halloween game is strong.  The outside of my house doesn't ever change, but I figure that's scarier than any fake cobwebs or skeletons you could put outside.  When the weirdos don't advertise it really makes you wonder what's going on inside.  I never understood why Anton LaVey had painted his house black.  If I was him I would have really freaked people out by planting sunflowers and having some plastic squirrels in a mock chase scene running up the facade.  Then when one of the neighbors comes over to borrow the lawn mower they really aren't expecting the craziness you have going on.  Those are precious moments you only get one shot at and I relish them.

    Every once in a while I get reeeeeeeal jealous about an art show I am unable to attend and it is guaranteed every year that Bewitching at Stranger Factory will be one of them.  This is the fifth installment of the ever-popular Halloween group show and it will feature amazing work from these artists:
            Paul Kaiju, Travis Lampe, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Scott Radke, Jay Hallopeter, Andrew Bell, Kelly Tunstall, Alison Bamcat, Kirsitna Drake, Donald Ross/Scribe, Alisa Ross/40 Threads, Brandon Styles, Jen Musatto, TADO, Max Lehman, Matt Duncan/Creeptoons, Stefani Rabideaux/Fika Art, Daniel Talone, Richard Page/UMETOYS, Desiree Chung, Keely Richman, Splurrt, Joe Scarano, Robert Hoggard, Stan Manoukian, Josh Stebbins, Kelly Denato, Tim Lee, Peter Hague, Karl Deuble, Valeri Blossom and many more!

    The opening reception is tomorrow, October 2, from 6-9 pm and you're gonna wanna bring plenty of cash to get your home ready for the season with some killer original art.  

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