Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"The 13" Dunny Series from Brandt Peters x Kidrobot Release Party at 3DRetro

    Whatcha doing this Friday?  You don't have to actually tell me, because I can't be held to secrecy if you're up to something weird.  I'll tell all your business.  You're gonna want to cancel any and all plans you may have had and instead go hang out with Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas as they release  a brand new Dunny series at 3D Retro. This is Kidrobot's first Dunny series in what seems like forever and just may be my favorite one yet.  I saw some of them in person at New York Comic Con this past weekend and they do not disappoint.  If you're lucky enough to attend this event and buy an entire case of toys (because not doing so would be silly) they will be giving out the chase piece as an added bonus (on a limited basis, so get there early).  Imagine not having to sweat as you prepare to open each box, your face turned upwards praying to every god you can remember from your "history of the world's religions" class at the community college.  It could be the most stress-free moment of your blind box opening life.  

      All the info you need to go is in the picture up there and if you're not able to go, cause maybe you are geographically prohibited, fear not because these figures release world wide the same day on www.kidrobot.com and wherever else designer toys are sold.  

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