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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Witch Queen Resin Figure from Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot

     As much as I enjoy watching HGTV, I feel there is a portion of the population they just don't cater to. Every time any of their shows are doing a remodel it's all about open concepts and creating space for entertaining. And everything is as sterile looking as the waiting area in an emergency room. If I had a show it would be all about fixing these disasters: adding walls back in so you can hang all of your artwork, taking all of those hideous barn doors outside and burning them like they deserve, and making it look like people with real life personalities actually live there. Also, the outside of the house has to look like an evil forest witch would live there. Your lawn is now an overgrown hedge maze and we filled your pool with swamp critters. Enjoy!

    Witches always make the best design choices and this one from Junko Mizuno would certainly be no exception. Just look at how awesome she is. I bet her house is loaded with cool stuff and not a single bare wall in sight. She and Kidrobot have certainly outdone themselves with this eight inch tall resin sculpture that could easily be the centerpiece in any collection. This beauty retails for $149.95 and is available for preorder now at this link

Friday, August 2, 2019

Junkonotomo Sofubi Mini Series from Junk Mizuno x Tomenosuke

    These wee teeny sofubi figures from Junko Mizuno are great for a plethora of reasons.  For one, they allowed me to use the word "plethora" which is one of my all time favorites.  Secondly, they're like little bits of one of her paintings come to life, ready to run amok on unsuspecting viewers.  But thirdly, and maybe most importantly, they have the best names.  Just look at the picture and tell me they don't each have the most perfect names.  Each one is completely descriptive of its owner, allowing zero ambiguity.  Unlike the name Ted.  There's a lot of secrets hiding behind the name Ted.

     Tomenosuke has created this set out of glorious Japanese vinyl with the debut edition being in a melon colorway.  You'll have your chance at this pocket full of deviants when they go up for presale today, Friday August 2 at 7:59 am at this link.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

White Lotus SuperJanky from Junko Mizuno x Superplastic

      Oh Superplastic, how come you won't follow me on social media?  I thought we were gonna be bros when you first came out, but somewhere along the way that failed to happen.  Was it something I said?  Was it when you were doing the Janky photo contest and I put Janky in a bucket of human teeth?  I thought it was funny, but I've been wrong before.  Most recently when I thought Bitcoin could in no way be something sustainable, then BAM, guess who's not a millionaire.  I also tried to jump a dry-ish creek bed not taking into account my arthritic knee or the fact that I'm 40.  Nothing was broken, but my wife laughed until she nearly passed out.  Lesson learned: do dumb stuff when she isn't there and let the emergency room explain it to her.

    Superplastic may not be inviting me to their annual Thanksgiving diner party, but that's ok, cause I still think this White Lotus SuperJanky from Junko Mizuno is pretty cool.  If you do too you're in luck, because 444 of them were made and they will be available today starting at noon pst.  Get one for yourself at

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Superplastic's Kickstarter Campaign is Now Live

     I hope that Paul Budnitz of Superplastic will be at Five Points in June, because I need to learn the guy's secret.  Not only did he strike gold in the art toy world as the founder of Kidrobot, but he has returned to the exact same spot and found a giant oil reserve.  The Superplastic Kickstarter went up today in an effort to fund their new Janky blind box series and assorted other figures and it has already blown away its goal.  There's still 30 days left to go and it's already a guarantee that these figures will be produced and will be in the hands of collectors around the world.  It certainly takes a bit of the stress out of the whole process for people that backed it.  Now after you've selected the tier that your comfortable pledging all you have to do is sit back and wait for your figures to arrive in the mail.  Or if you're forgetful like I am you will be pleasantly surprised as you return home from a hard day's work and find a random box on your porch filled with things you forgot you ordered.  To me it ups the excitement level, or at least I tell my wife that in an attempt to stop her from making fun of me.

    There's still an entire month for you to get in on these limited edition figures, featuring art from Huck Gee, Junko Mizuno, Dalek, and many more.  Just visit this link here, select a price range that feels like it matches your baller status, and be a part of the birth of an entirely new toy company.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Hana Early Prototype Version from Junko Mizuno x Lulubell Toys

   Junko Mizuno has been doing this toy thing for a long time but this is the first time she's ever had her own sofubi figure. Crazy, right?  This pretty plastic lady was cast in a milky vinyl and then painted on the INSIDE of the figure to give it this crazy finish.  And you're getting a lot of figure too because she stands nearly a foot tall, which in the toy world would make her first pick on any volleyball team.

    I'm keeping this post short and sweet because the preorder window is closing minute by minute.  You only have until tomorrow (Tuesday the 21st) at 5pm pacific time to ensure you get one.  They're made to order and will ship out in late spring.  Visit now and treat yo self!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Junko Mizuno's "Violet Soda Lady" from Kidrobot Releasing This Week

    I've made no effort whatsoever to hide my love for this toy.  I loved the 3 inch version and I'm beyond smitten with Junko Mizuno's first foray into the 8 inch Dunny realm.  After taunting us with teaser images, box art, and a variant companion piece at San Diego Comic Con, Kidrobot is finally ready to bless us with this figure.

    This Friday, July 31st you'll be able to get your mitts on this beauty, courtesy of your favorite toy retailer.  I haven't bought a toy with a price tag like this in almost a year, and waited till two days ago to preorder and ensure I would get one.  I'm not the best at spending money, but I just had to have it.  I suggest you put one for yourself on lockdown by hunting for anyone with a preorder left.  Or get yourself up nice and early on Friday and check out the Kidrobot website when they put their supply up at 9am MST. Or if you're lucky to live close to San Francisco, you can visit the Kidrobot store from 6pm-9pm and have the artist sign the toy for you.  So many options!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite SDCC Exclusive Thingys

    Yeah, sure, that's a tad bit dramatic, but seeing everyone's pictures from San Diego Comic Con makes me REEEEEEAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY wish I was there.  Thankfully New York Comic Con is coming up soon or else I would be losing it for real.  In the spirit of my depression let's take a look at my top 10 favorite exclusive things that are available to convention goers as we speak.  

    Despite our best efforts, Sharon and I still have space left on our walls at home.  We've determined that we hang our pictures "salon style" which they used to do back in the day, and it is a much better term than "a visual representation of mental illness style", which we had been using prior.  These three prints from Kidrobot and artists Brandt Peters, Frank Kozik, and Scott Tolleson would indeed take a place or prominence amongst our collection.  Pick em up during each artist's signings at Kidrobot's booth #5645.  

     That beauty to the right is the comic con exclusive Berry Chocolate Lady Dunny from Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot.  What words could I use to express my desire to have one?  Just look at it.  

    Thakfully, Frank Kozik's ice cream dude Jerome is merely debuting at comic con and will make its way online at some point afterwards from Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink, otherwise I might have had to hire myself a toy mule to procure one.  If you're there, get one at booth # 5248.  If you're not, practice the difficult art of being patient.  Trust me, I need all the practice I can get.  

    Shub Zeroth Misfortune Bags courtesy of Metacrypt and Brian Ewing's booth # 4503 should be on everyone's must-have lists.  Not only do you get a sweet sofubi monster toy, you get a bag to carry it in.  That's a convention blessing.  

    Super7 is straight killing it this year with their Skeletor's Lair pop up shop located in their San Diego retail store.  You can't go wrong with nostalgia presented in a fresh way, like this Chia Pet Moss Man.  Genius!  

    A soft vinyl Skeletor collaboration with Gargamel?  Sign me up, son.  I can't wait to see painted and marbled versions of this, which are gonna blow my mind/bank account wide open.  

     You know its true love when you find an amazing toy at a bargain of a price and that's exactly what Headspace from Luke Chueh and Munky King is.  And the best part is that there will be some available on their website at a later date, so stay the hell away from eBay cause all hope is not lost.  

    JJ Abrams did such a good job with the new Star Trek movies that I'm confident Star Wars is gonna be awesome.  I'm so confident, I would totally by this Black Series Storm Trooper without thinking twice.  

    I'll be more than happy to welcome this 20 inch hologram Darth Vader into my life.  

    Anything from Weta Workshop.  Seriously, have you seen pictures of their booth?  It's an event by itself.  Everything they do make me weep tears of joy.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kidrobot Returns To Conquer SDCC

   Last year, Kidrobot decided to skip San Diego Comic Con.  Maybe someone ate some bad takeout, or maybe they just couldn't find anywhere to park (I've heard that's a nightmare) but it doesn't really matter what the reason is, because this year they're storming the place like Ragnar and company stormed Paris.  Probably with more showers and less bleeding, but who can say for sure.  So hang onto your britches while I give you the rundown of everything I know about what's they have planned.  

   You see those prints up there?  Of course you do, it was one of those rhetorical questions and you actually didn't have to answer out loud, though I appreciate your enthusiasm/willingness to have your family think you're nuts.  The release of these three prints will coincide with Brandt Peters, Frank Kozik, and Scott Tolleson making appearances to hang out with you lucky convention goers.  There are less than 200 of each print, and they will be $25 each.  That is unless you're super dedicated and one of the first 50 people in line for each artist's signing, then you'll get one absolutely free.  That will leave some funds for you to get exactly two bottles of water from one of the food carts.  You know what, screw that, use it to buy toys.  You can always drink from one of the bathroom sinks.  

    If you're a Junko Mizuno fan and you haven't found a mule to get you that pretty little lady on the right, I would start calling friends ASAP.  Anyone and everyone will have the opportunity to own the original colorway of this 8 inch Dunny (on the left, sucka) but if you wanna taste of that Berry Chocolate flavor, you're gonna need to be at the convention or have a stand in willing to help you out.  She's a thing of beauty and from what I understand very limited.  $100 will get you one and trust me, that's a bargain when you see one for yourself in person.

    What time is it?  Well, it's quarter after three, I don't know why kids are always asking that.  You know you got a phone you little brat, so peel your eyelids off of Instagram for a second to check.  Oh, they're talking about the cartoon?  That's way less weird.  Finn and Jake want to do some adventuring all up in your house with these two exclusive releases.  Sure, you might already have these in their original color schemes, but I know the completest in you is ready to pull your very soul out of your ears to add these to your collection.  I feel you, I'm getting a little twitchy myself just by thinking of all the new Dunny releases, and I just want you to know I'm never gonna not encourage your obsessions.  toy obsessions anyway, not those one's involving Betty White ya freak.  Each figure is gonna sell for $49.99.

    I've already told you about these Mega Man exclusives but I'll be damned to be called anything other than thorough with this post.  They will be $49.99 each.  

    There's two things my wife is terrified of: slugs and ticks.  One time when we were digging for fossils in a creek (you didn't know I was so interesting did you?) I found a leech on a piece of wood.  I'd never actually seen a leech in person, so in my excitement I wanted to share it with the person I love.  After a few vague threats I chose to forget, she informed me how a leech was nothing more than a slug/tick hybrid and what on earth would make me think she wanted to see it.  It was a long drive to the Cheesecake Factory let me tell you.  

    If all slugs looked like the ones from Best Fiends I bet she'd be more receptive to their company.  The great thing about these too is that they will release online at Amazon and at the same time the release at comic con, so nobody will miss out.  If you're at the convention you will have a chance to win some prizes and meet the lead character artist for the game, Miguel Francisco.  This will happen on Saturday, July 11th from 9am-noon and this fancy screen print is one of the things you could walk away with:

    Those in attendance will also be able to take advantage of pre-releases for upcoming toys, including Frank Kozik's Baby Huey and Wuzone's debut 8 inch Dunny.  Here is the signing schedule for Kidrobot's booth # 5645, that way you can be the most prepared and stuff.

Thursday, July 9th
Junko Mizuno 1pm-3pm
Scott Tolleson 4pm-6pm

Friday, July 10th
Junko Mizuno 1pm-3pm
Frank Kozik 4pm-6pm

Saturday, July 11th
Brandt Peters 1pm-3pm
Chris 51 4pm-6pm



Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Want Dunnys? Check Out All of These Available for Preorder Right Now

    My head is literally ready to explode with all of the amazing Dunnys that Kidrobot is coming out with this year.  If this is what the future of this company looks like then we are in for many years of toys I desperately need.  You've got a healthy mixture of well known vinyl artists, some that are completely new to the vinyl world, and fan favorite designs that made the jump from 3 inch figures to 8 inch.  Let's get started so you can see where your money is going this year.  

    Sket-One self-produced a pretty killer version of this Sketratcha Dunny some time back and now it's getting a proper vinyl release as a 3 inch figure.  There's gonna be a chase version as well, which I'm not gonna spoil for you in case you haven't seen it.  $14.99 will get you one.  

    I can't say enough good things about doubleparlour.  Admittedly, I was a bit late to their appreciation party, but I'm trying to make up for lost time.  I'm in love with everything they do and this Dunny is no exception.  This 3 inch toy is on my must have list and at only $14.99, I won't feel guilty about it either.  

    Ever wondered what a certain famous mouse looked like when he went home, removed his kid friendly exterior, and exposed what was really lurking underneath?  Yeah, me neither, but I have no problem believing that behind that smile lies a creature that feasts on equal parts cash and children's souls.  A balanced diet is important after all.  Ron English and his sinister friend are making the jump from the Apocalypse blind box series to a full 8 inch production figure.  For $74.99 you can have him stare at you as you plan your next trip to the happiest place on earth.

    And people think that no one listens to their pleas?  Well, when your demands aren't ridiculous, this can be the result.  Scott Tolleson's Lotus Dragon was next to impossible to get as part of the Evolved Dunny series, so thankfully its 8 inch counterpart will be much simpler to obtain.  All you need is $99.99 and a bit of patience and you could have this delivered to your door in the Fall.  Go ahead and add this to my must have list.   

    This one has a special place in my heart, because I was able to not only hold the prototype in my hand, but take a picture of it that circulated pretty quickly around the internet.  I felt like a proud father.  Not only did Junko Mizuno's design make the jump from 3 inch to 8 inch, but they added some elements to it as well.  The thing is stunning in person and I've been waiting patiently to be able to get one since I first saw it in February.  

       This is what I like to see.  Someone working their butt of painting figure after figure, honing their craft, and then getting rewarded with their own production toy.  It's happened before but I feel it's going to happen a lot more now that the stable of artists Kidrobot is pulling from is pretty much endless.  Maybe I'll get my own Dunny?  I gotta make a phone call.

     Wuzone seems inspired by everyone's favorite pathologically lying puppet, but put enough of a spin on it to make it feel fresh.  I know what you're thinking, you're thinking: "How will I possibly afford all this?"  For one, don't worry, just stop paying those annoying student loans.  Secondly, this dude is priced at only $59.99.  It's like a throwback price!!!

    Sweet mother of plastic what is this you have bestowed upon me?  J*RYU has just changed everything you thought a Dunny could be.  Not only is it not character driven, but the design, and sculpting, and the detail.  I think I just got the vapors.  And to top it all off it pretty much demands to be the centerpiece of your collection as it stands a whopping 20 inches high.  Forget buying a new shelf, you're gonna need an alter for this.  Now she ain't cheap at $449.99, but I can guarantee you it's worth every penny you have to steal.  

    Each one of these, and The 13 Dunny series from Brandt Peters that I've previously written about, are all available for preorder right now from your favorite designer toy stores.  No more sweating on release day, no more pounding the refresh key on your laptop, or frantically driving from store to store, or pacts with dark forces trying to secure the one's you need.  This is a glorious time to be a collector.