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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bullet and Bullion Resin WNDGO Dunnys from Scott Tolleson

    At the rate the world is going I figure we're about a year away from welding spikes onto our cars and wearing animal skulls on our faces.  The thing I never got about post apocalyptic movies like Mad Max is why everyone is driving around in the biggest gas guzzlers they can find.  When I picture the wasteland of our future I don't see it peppered with convenience stations where you can fill up the tank while grabbing some beef jerky and an oversized Diet Pepsi.  So you would think putting some dune buggy tires on a Hyundai would make much more sense than loading up some lifted truck with a ton of steel whose sole purpose is to look scary.  But as we see on the news, the slightest inconvenience in the world turns many of our brains into mush.  I just want to know when is it considered too soon to shave my head into a mohawk and add the title of warlord to my business cards?  I like to be prepared.

    Scott Tolleson's WNDGO Dunny seems well dressed for the future everyone seems to want.  He's decked out in a snazzy chrome mask that doesn't look virus proof, but will easily separate you from whatever will take the place of money.  Two different versions of this five inch resin figure (Bullet and Bullion) will be available tomorrow, Friday May 15th.  Each one will retail for $300 plus shipping and can be yours starting promptly at noon pacific time by visiting

Friday, April 17, 2020

Prismatic Resin Shard Dunnys from Scott Tolleson

   What magic is this?  Scott Tolleson's Shard Dunny has seen many iterations, but this version is insane.  But Chris you say, what makes these so special?  I'm glad you asked, cause these Prismatic edition Dunnys change color depending on which angle you view them.  I have no idea how this effect was achieved, but imagine the fun you could have stoned out of your gourd while in quarantine, eating all of your Oreo rations and watching the colors change as you spin one of these in your hands.  Hell, you may just unlock the secrets of the universe, or you may just forget to shower for a week.  Anything is possible in these uncertain times.  Also don't do drugs, or whatever.  

    Hollywood prop maker and all around resin magician Task One made these 3 inch resin figures and they will instantly become a cherished piece in your collection.  That is, if you're lucky enough to score one of the 30 available when they go on sale today, April 17th.  They are $60 each and will be available starting at 10am pacific time only from  

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

DesignerCon Exclusives from Scott Tolleson

     When Scott Tolleson isn't curating the best "Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" memes on Facebook, his like, fifth favorite thing to do is design toys.  He'll have a bunch of releases for this year's DesignerCon including some old favorites and some brand new figures that are sure to become your favorites the moment you lay eyes on them, which is about to happen right now.

     Is it technically still a dad bod if you don't have kids?  Of course I'm asking for a friend, as I am the epitome of peak performance.  I'm not here to shame you though, even if you are a sentient root vegetable with resting New Jersey face (it's like resting bitch face, except it let's everyone around you know that you're ready to throw hands at all times, bro).  Being that they are Deadbeets, their dad bod's could be the result of the various bacteria in their guts that are fighting a losing battle in trying to breakdown their formerly living tissue, thus turning their bellies and into a volatile gas bomb.  Isn't nature beautiful?

    Oooooooh this is so pretty.  Cast in clear Bourbon tinted resin, this five inch Shard Dunny is sure to be one of the big hits of the show.  Did you see that a whiskey company made little shots of liquor that look like Tide pods?  That's sure an interesting way to reach a customer base that is obviously brain dead already, but you have to leave no stone unturned if you want to grow your business I guess.  I love this figure and the variations in color they were able to achieve and the effect is probably even cooler after you've downed a couple of those sweet bourbon laundry pods.  

    Let's keep the good resin vibes going with a figure you may recognize that has gotten a size upgrade.  WNDGO has gotten the five inch upgrade as well, with a clear blue body and a bone-like mask that I suspect will make him equally as popular as his brother listed above.  It's a striking combination that is equal parts cute and nightmarishly freaky.  If you wake up one night and he's chewing on your toes in a non alluring way don't act like I didn't see that coming.   

     Well this is certainly different from what we've seen before.  Just a little ice cream dinosaur bro, his mouth agape as he utters the word "Mama" in a squeaky little voice that would instantly make your heart melt.  Speaking of melt, if all of the dinosaurs were actually made of ice cream that would totally explain how they all went extinct.  They ignored all the signs of global warming and in doing so turned into lactose filled puddles.  He's not asking for his mother, no he is screaming that their hubris has doomed them all.   This figure is a collaboration with Unbox Industries and Ziqi, who are probably horrified about what I've just written.  

    I've done some damage to chicken nuggets in my lifetime and it looks like my day of reckoning is close at hand.  Look, I can't help that they are the most deliciously perfect food on Earth and that my body still craves them even as an adult.  Especially when they're crispy on the outside and warm and filled with otherwise unusable chicken bits on the inside.  You think that whole "pink slime" expose deterred me in any fashion from devouring them by the handful?  I can assure you it did not.  But what if every chicken nugget I ever ate turned into one of these, formed an army, and sought their revenge?  I better get my affairs in order.

    All of the goodness you see here and much more will be available by visiting Scott at booth # 209.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Kidrobot's Polyphony Exclusives Now Available at Rotofugi


    Being a completist is one of the hardest aspects of collecting, especially when it comes to designer toys.  There's so many exclusives that it can be hard to even keep track and then there's the ones only available at conventions in other countries that become nearly impossible to obtain without mortgaging your house.  Rotofugi is coming to the rescue by offering a slew of Beijing-based Polyphony's recent Kidrobot exclusives.  There's 2 different version of the Quiccs and Hello Kitty collaboration, two of the new Labbiters from Frank Kozik, and Scott Tolleson's Designer Con mascot 3 inch Dunny in an exclusive colorway.  These are available in their Chicago location now and will be offered up online beginning this Thursday, June 27, at 11am cdt.  Check out for pricing info as well as limits of each figure Per customer.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Designer Con Exclusive Resin Shard Dunnys from Scott Tolleson

    These beautiful resin three inch Shard Dunnys from Scott Tolleson are known as the Pain edition because that's what you'll feel deep in your guts if you don't get one.  You'll probably have a few leading up to their release at Designer Con as you fear having to live the rest of your life without one.  That's right, these are candy slick and exclusive to Scott's booth at the upcoming super sized edition of Designer Con in California next month.  As much as I would love to be there I am unable to make it, and seeing these has kind of brought that reality home.  Great, now I'm in a spiral of depression.

    Just kidding, I came to terms with it a while back, but if you're one of those lucky folks that IS going and who I'm still mildly jealous of, then you better high tail it to booth # 2005.  Scott only made 100 of these and at $60 each they won't last long.

    But wait...there's more.

    There's also this insane looking five inch Shard Dunny!!!!   This one is known as the Panic edition, because that's what people will feel as the doors open to the convention and they have to run likes it's a high school gym class to get to them.  I only run if someone is chasing me, and even then they better be armed with a weapon or a warrant, but I would make an exception for one of these.  They are limited to 80 pieces and will cost ya $150.  Make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes and don't mind being seen panting heavily in the company of others.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Stone Edition Trayjus Resin Figure from Scott Tolleson

   I'm beyond disgusted with my home owners association and I am devising ways to express said disgust in a creative manner.  I won't get into the numerous reasons I would like to cage fight them all, mostly because as I typed them all out I felt really petty and then hastily deleted them.  But seriously, how are you gonna not fix the street lights and force me to come home in pitch blackness when there are vampires and crack heads around?  A bite from either one will completely wreck your life/immune system.

   One of my ideas involves buying a concrete statue of Poseidon to put in my flower bed.  You know, the real tacky ones that people who think they're fancy have at their house cause in their minds it somehow transforms their rancher into the Palace of Versailles.  Ok, I'll be honest, I kind of want one anyway, but now I feel would be the perfect time and this is the perfect excuse to finally own one.  Unless someone wants to make me a fountain featuring a giant spitting cobra because I would actually prefer that.

    Scott Tolleson got me thinking about all of this nonsense when I saw the above photo for his statue inspired Trayjus.  He'd have to do some serious upscaling for this to fit into my war of attrition, but he'd still be pretty cool just chillin on a book shelf.  Only 12 of these resin figures exist and will retail for $70 each when they go on sale this Friday, August 17th, at 9am pacific time.  The only place to find them will be

Friday, March 2, 2018

Fatt Choy Bao from Scott Tolleson X Pobber Toys

    I will chase a brown bear into the woods just because I've never seen one in the wild, but I'll be damned if I put anything other than a plain hamburger in my mouth during dinner.  That last part's a little extreme, but I'm anything other than brave when it comes to food.  My wife spent a lot of her younger years in Taiwan and I remember the first time she took me to the Asian supermarket while looking for her favorite items.  As a southern kid with a cardboard palette I was so far out of my element it was probably embarrassing.  Since then I've tried to broaden my horizons if for no more reason than for her to not feel forced to feed me chicken nuggets every day.  You're a real gangsta if your wife buys you the dinosaur shaped ones, fyi.

    I couldn't eat anything that had a face like this.  He's so cute and sweet looking and you know you can't eat just one so chomping down on him will be both traumatic and non filling, which is a really bad combination.   This little dude from Scott Tolleson and Pobber Toys is decked out to celebrate Chinese New Year and is available now to help you commemorate the year of the dog.  Pick one up for yourself before the party's over at



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Final Kookie No Good from Scott Tolleson x DeKorner

    Though some things seem like they will never end (the Trump presidency comes to mind) everything will inevitably reach its conclusion.  The lights go out, the curtain falls, yada yada yada.  That time has come for Kookie No Good, and you can help usher him into that special place where toys go when there are no more variants to speak of.  Scott Tolleson and DeKorner are now offering the final version of this little fortune cookie with a penchant for depression.  Made of sweet Japanese vinyl, you can own this farewell edition right now by visiting  May he finally find the happiness in the great beyond that has thus far eluded him in our world.

    On a side note, I am now offering my pre-obituary service to anyone who doesn't trust their loved ones to write something nice about them at the time of their demise.  I'll make you sound like the greatest person that ever lived, and upon your expiration will even submit it to the newspaper of your choosing.  I'm kidding of course, unless you think this is something that I could really cash in on, which in that case I am open for business!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Broke Piggy Presents: The Shard Dunny Custom Show at Designer Con

    A few days ago Sharon and I decided it was time we started watching Stranger Things.  That was on Monday night and as of this writing we only have three episodes to go before we finish them all.  Now when I binge watch a show I get completely lost in it and start making weird connections between the fictional world and this one.  Take this Shard Custom Show that Broke Piggy has put together for Designer Con.  It's a show within a larger show, which wouldn't be a parallel dimension like the Upside Down, but would be like a completely miniature version of a universe identical to ours living within our universe.  Designer Con would be the crunchy cookie of the Oreo while the Shard Show would be the creamy filling.  Thinking about crap like this is why I neglected to wash dishes yesterday and my wife had to eat her yogurt with a spatula.  Love ya, babes.

    Scott Tolleson's stone bro Shard Dunny is getting extreme makeovers from all of the artists you see listed above.  Previews of their work has popped up online and I've collected a mini gallery below to feature a few, but the big shindig is this weekend in California.  These are all one of a kind, but both Scott (booth #525) and Kidrobot (booth #518) will have exclusive versions available for sale in greater numbers, so check them out if you're there.   See more at booth #527.  


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Odd Ones: Shard Dunny from Scott Tolleson

     You probably thought that The Odd Ones were finished; that the brood of misfits couldn't possibly have any other friends you had yet to meet.  Well, you just got ZINGED!, or whatever it is the kids are saying these days for when you were tricked right out of your shirt, cause looky what we have here.  His name is Shard and he looks to me like a perfect bit of sea glass that washed up on the beach.  Or that blue stuff that the chemistry teacher was making to pay for his cancer treatments in that one show.  Scott Tolleson is there anything you'd like to tell us?  We won't snitch.

     This three inch resin Dunny first made his debut at San Diego Comic Con but now he is available for the rest of the world starting tomorrow (Thursday, August 3rd) at 10 am pacific time.  You'll find him at for $50 each plus $10 shipping.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Francis AP Dunny Sets from Scott Tolleson

   Did you know in The Bride of Frankenstein movie that the title character actually had red hair?  It's hard to tell because the film is in black and white, but there ya go.  Now I did learn it on the internet, so it may or may not be true, but if it is that's a fun tidbit in case you're ever on Jeopardy.  I only ask for ten percent of the winnings as your manager.

    Scott Tolleson can make The Bride's hair whatever color he wants because that's called "artistic license."  Which is not considered one of the six points of identification required by the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles to get and extra copy of your registration and they don't find it funny if you try that.

   Now The Bride wasn't part of Scott's Odd Ones Dunny Series when Kidrobot released it, so he made her up, cast her in resin, and had her join her man Frankie in holy matrimony (oh and Scott hand painted her).  And the groom got spruced up too with a bow tie and a kiss from his lady.  Each set of figures comes with a marriage certificate, is limited to ten, and will sell for $250 when they're released this Tuesday at 10am pacific time from

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Scott Tolleson's Pipken Labbit from Kidrobot

    I haven't been wearing glasses for very long and actually I see ok without them, or so I thought.  For years I've just had an astigmatism in my right eye and a meager prescription in my left, but I wanted to be able to see as clearly as possible and they do make a noticeable difference.  Then a few weeks ago I had an eye exam and I learned I have a VERTICAL IMBALANCE!!!!!!  I'm completely flawed!  One eye has just gone and done his own thing and decided to see things higher than the other one does, like they totally have never heard my talk about teamwork that I give the cats every so often.  And I never noticed it, but I tilt my head slightly to the right as some unconscious hillbilly fix to try and correct the problem.  I still haven't gotten my new glasses yet, so who knows if the entire world has been a visual lie my whole life or not.  I'm about to go and emotionally eat lunch like I'm main eventing Wrestlemania.

    Speaking of glasses, look what we have here!  A couple of brand new Labbits from the folks at Kidrobot.  This time Scott Tolleson has worked his argyle magic on Frank Kozik's little bunny friends and turned them into a couple of nerds, which is not a derogatory term at all, unless being incredibly smart and making tons of money and having good fashion sense is something to be frowned upon.  I do prefer a good flannel to a sweater, but I'm open to new ideas.  

    Both are available right now at, with the pink one being their online exclusive.  


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Plethora of New Dunny Releases from Kidrobot

    This week is like Christmas for Dunny fans, as Kidrobot has new releases in just about every size and style.  They've got big ones and little ones and cute ones and spooky ones and just about everything in between.  You could knock out everyone on your Christmas list in the first week of October and really slack off the rest of the year.  It's great for people like me who have dreams about waking up on Christmas morning and not having done any shopping what so ever and trying to figure out how you're going to escape from your family and where you can escape to that would sell things that you could pass off as presents.  Not that I wake up drenched in sweat or anything after one of those and freaked out until I'm relatively sure it didn't happen in real life.

    The first release will go down on Tuesday, October 4th with this adorable cosplayer from twelvedot.  He'd look right at home dodging some 8bit traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike.  This is the 3rd release as part of the Emerging Artist five inch series and can be yours for only $34.99.

    Next up is a whole dang gone series from one Mr. Scott Tolleson.  They're called The Odd Ones and they're a bunch of familiar characters reimagined in 3 inch Dunny fashion.  Sold blind boxed for $11.99 each you know you can't just get one, cause that's like eating just one Kit Kat from the bar, which would be dumb.  Don't be dumb.

    And last but certainly not least is the 8 inch Lord Strange Dunny from Brandt Peters.  Dude is wearing a skull mask, which you know has got to be concealing something crazy.  I mean, when wearing a skull is the most reasonable way to go out in public you know life has taken an interesting turn.  Both this bro and The Odd Ones series will be available starting Friday, October 7th.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kidrobot Announces NYCC Exclusives and Preorder Info

    Are you going to New York Comic Con?  I'm going, and my wife is going, and I hope like the last two years we ride the train into New York sitting next to the Honkey Tonk Man and the one dude from The Bushwackers.  Seriously, we pulled into Penn Station and both of them were standing behind us two years in a row.  Being an old school wrestling fan I was pretty stoked but resisted acting like a complete weirdo, except for the fact that both times I pointed and very loudly proclaimed "it's the Honky Tonk Man" in a southern accent that came out of nowhere.  I regret nothing.

    Kidrobot is also going to New York Comic Con and will have a booth there filled with exclusives.  If you're attending as well you can preorder all three of these figures so you can pick em up at the con  without having to worry that they may sell out.  I'm gonna preorder that little Scott Tolleson Cthulhu Dunny jawn for sure, and most likely the Brandt Peter's one too cause I know I'll be kicking myself if I don't.  That thing is nuts looking.

    You can read about all the rules and regulations at so that you ensure you don't miss out on these. And visit them during the con at booth # 502. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kidrobot at Designer Con

    Kidrobot is going to Designer Con.  I am not.  I am sad.

    I already have an appointment scheduled to go and talk about my feelings, so try not to worry to much about me as you try to get one of the always popular Blown Away custom Dunnys from Josh Mayhem.  These dudes practically sell out as quick as he can make em, so I can guarantee they're gonna be one of the quickest things to be snatched up during the show.  And rightfully so, cause just by looking at that picture you can tell a lot of work goes into them.  And the finished result looks like candy coated goodness.  

    The next version of J*RYU's It's a F.A.D. Dunny is presented in 20 inches of luxurious pearlescent.  You will be the envy of your friends, the subject of dinner party conversations, and the object of vile jealous rumors (its inevitable) once you own one of these beauties.  See, they practically sell themselves.  You can also meet the man behind the Dunny as he live paints one on Saturday at 4pm and again Sunday at 3pm.  

    Tweety Bird is kinda putting on a USDA Grade vibe in this vinyl interpretation from Mark Dean Veca.  This certainly won't deter any putty tats from making a delicious mid afternoon snack out of his bulbous head.  This red version will make its first ever appearance this weekend and may inspire a new culinary phenomenon with canary burgers as the staple ingredient.  Pet Smart should stock up.  You can meet Mark during his signing on Saturday at 11am.

    There will be more exclusives and signings with Amanda Visell (Saturday at 2pm) and Scott Tolleson (Sunday at 11am) and a panel with Frank Kozik and others talking all things Kidrobot.  Check it all out at booth #'s 518/521. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Imperial Lotus Dragon Release and Signing with Scott Tolleson at Rotofugi


    Did you miss me?  Sharon and I took a bit of a vacation and headed out west to visit with her grandmother and drive all around Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.  It was my first time on that side of the country (I'm not terribly well traveled) and it was like being in a completely different world.  Not only was the landscape crazy but the people were waaaaaaaay different than what I'm used to.  Mostly because they weren't miserable.  New Jersey has a certain reputation for people being mean and it wasn't given arbitrarily.  It's probably because there are just too damn many of us packed together in a small place and we're tired of smelling each other's armpits.  I could even feel myself getting angrier as I got off the plane on our return home and I almost beat a guy for looking at my luggage at baggage claim.  But out west everyone was so nice and pleasant and we had great conversations with people we just met.  And their Wal Mart was reeeeally clean, which will let you immediately gauge the happiness of the locals.

     Scott Tolleson will be taking a trip this Friday (I don't need any gold trophy to know that was "Seemless Transition of a Seemingly Unrelated Story to One About Toys of the Year") to Rotofugi in Chicago to release his Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny from Kidrobot.  Buy yourself a toy, have Scott sign it, and enter to win free stuff.  Scott has been painting up these two fellows you see here and I wonder if these may be the door prizes in question:

    If so, you'd be a lucky son of a gun to own either of them.  Check out the details in the picture at the top of the post, cause I have to go to work and probably shouldn't be late cause I was typing all that out for you.  Kisses.  

Friday, September 18, 2015

Paco Taco from Scott Tolleson X Pobber Toys Available Today!

    Whoever heard of taco Friday?  No one, that's who, because tacos were meant to be consumed on a day that starts with the letter "T".  I'm pretty sure it's in the Bill of Rights or one of those other important documents we all should read but don't.  Or maybe it's one of those weird blue laws we have in this country that no one actually enforces.  Like, don't make out with squirrels on a Sunday while wearing plaid, or being forbidden from trapping more than three weasels in a brown box during an eclipse.  I think they were to prevent witchcraft, or women from voting, or something like that.  I don't think anyone that's still alive even knows.

    So, against all my arguments to the contrary, today is indeed taco Friday as Scott Tolleson and Pobber Toys are releasing Paco Taco.  He comes in two different flavors: regular and hot.  These are gonna be available at midnight SG time, which means wherever you happen to be you're gonna have to do the converting on that cause I am not feeling up to any time algebra today.  Taco up at


Monday, September 14, 2015

New Kookie No Good figure from Scott Tolleson x Dekorner Available Today

   Did you know yesterday was Fortune Cookie Day?  Now you could tell your parents that the Internet hasn't completely rotted your brain and you can still learn fun facts by spending a few hours a day browsing.  You can also see plenty of things that no matter how hard you try you will never be able to forget.  Fear not though, for this is a safe place that has no intention of forcing you into group therapy where they'll make you keep a feelings journal that you have to read aloud from once a week.

    In celebration of the previously mentioned day of remembrance for deceased fortune cookies the world over, Dekorner is releasing a special edition of Scott Tolleson's Kookie No Good Figure.  These little dudes will be available today at 10am pacific time only at Each figure will retail for $40 and comes complete with a sad little fortune that may or may not depress you, depending on if you took your meds or not.  Just look at the one in the picture: it says "anything >  you".  Not only did it insult you, but it brought in grade school math to do it, forcing you to relive those hours of homework you never turned in because you were too busy preparing to really own your teenage angst phase.  Kookie, we gotta get you some happy pills, bro.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bella Lee: Noir Edition from Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys

    Man, I never knew how hard it is to find reasonable people to hire.  I've been trying to help wrangle candidates for my job and it has been no easy task.  To make matters worse, when you find a resume that's worth looking at, sometimes their very name will just ruin it for you.  For instance, how am I supposed to ever be expected to work with someone named Cupcake?  I can't take that seriously, and I refuse to call someone by a name like that, whether their parents actually put that on their birth certificate or not.  And what am I supposed to tell me wife when she asks me about my day?  It's gonna sound like I'm some low-grade pimp with a stable of girls on the corner.

     Bella Lee here had parents that actually thought their daughter could be anything she wanted to be, but even not being named Glitter didn't keep her from a life of questionable employment.  Or she might just be trying to pay down her student loans, in which case I totally understand.  Either way, Scott Tolleson and Pobber are pleased to offer this purrty lady online this Thursday, August 6th, for $120.  This 8 inch resin figure is limited to 50 pieces and only available from  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite SDCC Exclusive Thingys

    Yeah, sure, that's a tad bit dramatic, but seeing everyone's pictures from San Diego Comic Con makes me REEEEEEAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY wish I was there.  Thankfully New York Comic Con is coming up soon or else I would be losing it for real.  In the spirit of my depression let's take a look at my top 10 favorite exclusive things that are available to convention goers as we speak.  

    Despite our best efforts, Sharon and I still have space left on our walls at home.  We've determined that we hang our pictures "salon style" which they used to do back in the day, and it is a much better term than "a visual representation of mental illness style", which we had been using prior.  These three prints from Kidrobot and artists Brandt Peters, Frank Kozik, and Scott Tolleson would indeed take a place or prominence amongst our collection.  Pick em up during each artist's signings at Kidrobot's booth #5645.  

     That beauty to the right is the comic con exclusive Berry Chocolate Lady Dunny from Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot.  What words could I use to express my desire to have one?  Just look at it.  

    Thakfully, Frank Kozik's ice cream dude Jerome is merely debuting at comic con and will make its way online at some point afterwards from Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink, otherwise I might have had to hire myself a toy mule to procure one.  If you're there, get one at booth # 5248.  If you're not, practice the difficult art of being patient.  Trust me, I need all the practice I can get.  

    Shub Zeroth Misfortune Bags courtesy of Metacrypt and Brian Ewing's booth # 4503 should be on everyone's must-have lists.  Not only do you get a sweet sofubi monster toy, you get a bag to carry it in.  That's a convention blessing.  

    Super7 is straight killing it this year with their Skeletor's Lair pop up shop located in their San Diego retail store.  You can't go wrong with nostalgia presented in a fresh way, like this Chia Pet Moss Man.  Genius!  

    A soft vinyl Skeletor collaboration with Gargamel?  Sign me up, son.  I can't wait to see painted and marbled versions of this, which are gonna blow my mind/bank account wide open.  

     You know its true love when you find an amazing toy at a bargain of a price and that's exactly what Headspace from Luke Chueh and Munky King is.  And the best part is that there will be some available on their website at a later date, so stay the hell away from eBay cause all hope is not lost.  

    JJ Abrams did such a good job with the new Star Trek movies that I'm confident Star Wars is gonna be awesome.  I'm so confident, I would totally by this Black Series Storm Trooper without thinking twice.  

    I'll be more than happy to welcome this 20 inch hologram Darth Vader into my life.  

    Anything from Weta Workshop.  Seriously, have you seen pictures of their booth?  It's an event by itself.  Everything they do make me weep tears of joy.