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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Sprayed Away Series 1 from Josh Mayhem

   Last summer here at the Jersey Shore a tourist was sitting on the beach when a large gust of wind picked up an umbrella, launched it towards her, and impaled her leg like a javelin.  All this time we had this irrational fear of sharks because of Jaws, when the silent killer was lulling us into complacency with the promise of respite from a brutal sun.  Shade comes at a price, my friends, and that price could very well be your life!  This has been a public service announcement from The Council For Impalement Awareness.

   Josh Mayhem has made what is quite possibly his most appropriate Blown Away series to date.  Utilizing the SprayeeQ Qee platform from Toy2R, he has adequately captured what a popular song and dad jokes have told us for years: you never spray into the wind.  Whether it be paint or more organic substances, the results will always be the same.  Though the embarrassment levels might vary greatly.  

   This exclusive series for Tenacious Toys features 12 hand customized figures with one random glow in the dark chase.  Each piece stands 5 inches tall, will retail for $150, and will be available starting at 3pm today (Wednesday, December 19th) only from  

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blown Away 100% Bearbrick Series 2 from Josh Mayhem

   I'm trying to think of a good wind story in the spirit of these Blown Away Bearbricks and I really only have one.  It happened earlier this year when the smoothie place next door to my work decided that gale force winds were in no way a threat to their table umbrellas.  Two of them were zip tied to their holders, while the third was left for Mother Nature to do with as she would.  A strong gust came rolling through and launched it directly into our front window.  The glass held, but the noise scared the hell out of everyone in ear shot.  I went outside and returned it to its table, stunned at the fact that I wasn't going to spend an afternoon boarding up the massive hole it should have left.  No sooner than come back inside than another gust comes underneath the umbrella, opening it completely, and firing it like a North Korean missle straight onto the roof.  We're talking a good twenty feet into the air and gone.  I don't do heights so they were on their own at that point.

    Josh Mayhem is revisiting the Bearbrick form with series 2 of these 100% figures.  There are 13 chances here for you to own one of these glittery resin coats masterpieces when they go on sale today (September 21) at 6pm pacific time.  Snag one at


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Puddle Dunny Rustic Edition from Josh Mayhem

    I've read plenty of times how cotton swabs are the worst thing you can stick in your ear.  Probably not worse than a hot poker, or a hunting knife, but neither one of those is marketed to clean your ears other than by your uncle Bubba from Louisiana who for some reason don't hear so good.  Those padded sticks just push the wax down into the nooks and crannies of your ear canal and it sucks.  I went to the doctor the other day because I was having ear issues and compacted wax was the diagnoses.  The cure was this squirt bottle with a special nozzle that shot a mix of peroxide and hot water in there.  It's not what I would call an unpleasant feeling, but let me tell you the joy of seeing what came out.  Ok, it wasn't joy so much as it was "holy crap, how do I have spare room in my skull for that?"

    I doubt very seriously that Josh Mayhem was inspired by my medical plights as he was the pretty colors of rusted metal, but you never know.  He's releasing these rustic Puddle Dunnys later today (Tuesday, July 18th) at 10 am pacific time only through  There are 10 different ones sold blind box style with 1 chase version that's a bit different from the rest.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Blown Away" Coarse Omen Figures from Josh Mayhem x Collect and Display

    What exactly do birds do in wind storms?  They're so light I just picture them being blown all over the place and then having to make their way back home after the bad weather passes.  Do they have little birdie basements like we do so they can huddle together amid their canned goods?  Surely I could have typed it into my Google machine and easily found the answer, but instead I chose to give you something to ponder at work.  I am nothing if not an expert at wasting time.  (BTW I totally Googled it and the results are fascinating.)

    Josh Mayhem has added his patented wind swept look to a few of Coarse's Omen figures that are an exclusive to Collect and Display.  They are a limited edition of only 12 pieces and will be for sale Friday, March 31st an noon pacific time from  Each one will cost ya $273 American dollars, or the average price of a movie theater soda and popcorn combo.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blown Away DTA Rainbow Dunnys from Josh Mayhem

   I didn't win a trophy last weekend and neither did Josh Mayhem but we're not shook about it.  We're just two bros with no trophies and no worries cause guess what: trophies do nothing but add work to your life.  It's an extra thing to pack if you ever move, and your home owners insurance will probably go up in case someone steals it, and your family is gonna try and borrow money from you cause trophies make people think you're cashed up.  And you know what, if you have a trophy then you can't join our No Trophy Bro gang or be invited to the ice cream social/bowling excursion.  You're gonna really be jealous when you see the baller shirts we got to commemorate the day.

    It was cool to be a finalist though and to celebrate Josh has created a limited run of 6 Blown Away 3 inch Dunnys that pay homage to his nominated design.  These will be priced at $125 each when they go on sale today (Wednesday, October 12) at 10am pacific time from

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Josh Mayhem's Latest Blown Away Dunnys from Kidrobot

    Oh lawd, this is Fouth of July weekend and as an America it is my cultural duty to nearly blow my fingers off with explosives and eat piles of grilled meat products.  See this is the time where we celebrate giving the middle finger to mother England and letting her know that she couldn't tell us what to do anymore cause we were grown and if we want to eat cookies for dinner that's what's gonna happen.  Don't make me flex so hard my sleeves explode.

   Josh Mayhem is smacking you in the face with freedom with his latest Blown Away Dunnys.  They range in sizes from 3 inches to 20 inches and will be on sale exclusively through on Friday, July 1st at 10 am mountain time.  These are only available to be shipped to American customers, so now might be the time to hit up your fifth grade pen pal and say what's up.  

Friday, May 27, 2016

Josh Mayhem's Blown Away Dunny Enamel Pins

    Josh Mayhem hit a dang gone home run when he came up with his Blown Away Dunny customs.  Those things became increasingly harder to get with each release and if you don't have one I bet you wish you did.  Well, I can't help you in that department but I can help by telling you about his new enamel pins that immortalize his stroke of toy designing genius.  There's only 100 of em, and each one will come signed and numbered on the card.  You can snazz up you wardrobe when these are released Friday, May 27th at noon pacific time at

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kidrobot at Designer Con

    Kidrobot is going to Designer Con.  I am not.  I am sad.

    I already have an appointment scheduled to go and talk about my feelings, so try not to worry to much about me as you try to get one of the always popular Blown Away custom Dunnys from Josh Mayhem.  These dudes practically sell out as quick as he can make em, so I can guarantee they're gonna be one of the quickest things to be snatched up during the show.  And rightfully so, cause just by looking at that picture you can tell a lot of work goes into them.  And the finished result looks like candy coated goodness.  

    The next version of J*RYU's It's a F.A.D. Dunny is presented in 20 inches of luxurious pearlescent.  You will be the envy of your friends, the subject of dinner party conversations, and the object of vile jealous rumors (its inevitable) once you own one of these beauties.  See, they practically sell themselves.  You can also meet the man behind the Dunny as he live paints one on Saturday at 4pm and again Sunday at 3pm.  

    Tweety Bird is kinda putting on a USDA Grade vibe in this vinyl interpretation from Mark Dean Veca.  This certainly won't deter any putty tats from making a delicious mid afternoon snack out of his bulbous head.  This red version will make its first ever appearance this weekend and may inspire a new culinary phenomenon with canary burgers as the staple ingredient.  Pet Smart should stock up.  You can meet Mark during his signing on Saturday at 11am.

    There will be more exclusives and signings with Amanda Visell (Saturday at 2pm) and Scott Tolleson (Sunday at 11am) and a panel with Frank Kozik and others talking all things Kidrobot.  Check it all out at booth #'s 518/521. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

NYCC Exclusive "Blown Away" Dunny Series from Josh Mayhem

    One thing I like to do when I see custom toys that impress me is to try and figure out how they did it.  Not that I'm gonna go out and try to replicate the technique, but I have a healthy fascination with how things are created.  Luckily I didn't have to torment myself too much with these because their creator, Josh Mayhem, was very forthcoming about his methods, but that doesn't make the end results any less impressive.  This "Blown Away" series contains 6 Dunnys that look like they were caught in a wind storm before their paint was allowed to dry.  These were created as New York Comic Con exclusives for Clutter Magazine's booth # 504 beginning at noon today.  The little guy in the front is the chase version, but no matter which one you get it's gonna look impressive in your collection.   

Friday, September 13, 2013

Toy Art Gallery 4th Anniversary Custom Show featuring Paul Kaiju's Pollen Kaiser

    Toy Art Gallery has got to be one of the coolest places on Earth.  If you're into designer toys, it's like visiting the Great Pyramid, but without the risk of getting killed during political turmoil.  To celebrate their fourth anniversary, they sent out a bunch of Paul Kaiju's Pollen Kaiser figures for artists to customize.  The results are pretty sick and you can check out my favorite ones if you scroll down farther.  The opening reception for the show is tomorrow night from 7-10pm and the show will be on display through October 13th.