Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blown Away DTA Rainbow Dunnys from Josh Mayhem

   I didn't win a trophy last weekend and neither did Josh Mayhem but we're not shook about it.  We're just two bros with no trophies and no worries cause guess what: trophies do nothing but add work to your life.  It's an extra thing to pack if you ever move, and your home owners insurance will probably go up in case someone steals it, and your family is gonna try and borrow money from you cause trophies make people think you're cashed up.  And you know what, if you have a trophy then you can't join our No Trophy Bro gang or be invited to the ice cream social/bowling excursion.  You're gonna really be jealous when you see the baller shirts we got to commemorate the day.

    It was cool to be a finalist though and to celebrate Josh has created a limited run of 6 Blown Away 3 inch Dunnys that pay homage to his nominated design.  These will be priced at $125 each when they go on sale today (Wednesday, October 12) at 10am pacific time from

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