Friday, October 28, 2016

1/6th Scale Michael Myers Figure from threezero

    Look, it's everyone's favorite murderous mute Mr. Michael Myers!  That was some crazy alliteration there, even by my standards.   I always dug the original Halloween and I liked the Rob Zombie versions too because they seemed plausible and that's what makes them scary.  Well, plausible in the fact that the dude escaped a mental institution and wants to kill all of his relatives, not so much in the fact that he can take six bullets to the chest and be totally cool with it.  You can only suspend disbelief to a certain point.  

   Not since William Shatner has anyone made a William Shatner mask look so frightening though, and threezero perfectly capture that in their latest 1/6th scale figure.  Look at those dead eyes staring right through you.  It's freaky.  And he comes with fun stabbing accessories which I'm sure you could put to good use on your sister's old Barbie collection.  Preorder him right now from for $150 US dollars and get free shipping!  Just make sure you're alone when you open the box in case you scream cause I wouldn't want you to have to live with that shame the rest of your life.  

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