Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Unique Lottery from Lulubell Toys for Cure's Halloween Boogieman

    I get why people do lotteries for toys:  you have a little bit of product versus a lot of people that want to own it.  So you're leveling the playing field for everyone and you're able to take known flippers and ignore them like the turd bags they are.  They're all pretty much the same though in that you email your information and do a lot of praying that you win.  That's kind of boring.  So Lulubell Toys is gonna spice it up a bit and make you do a little bit of work as well.

    The toy up for grabs is the very seasonal Cure Boogeyman and Gee combo you see above and like I said the way to enter is not typical.  You have to take a photo that spells out the word CURE.   Then you do this:

1. Easiest way: post your photo to IG, hashtag #lulubellcurelottery and @lulubell_toys & @cure_uo ! Done.

2. If you do not have IG, email your photo to, along with your name, shipping address and PayPal email address & we will post your entry to IG for you!

    See, isn't that better than the same old way of doing things?  Unleash your inner Annie Leibovitz and impress the world with your creativity.


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