Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Honoo Cutie DX from Leecifer

    I have some advice from my youth for all you pyromaniacs out there:  don't stand too close to an open flame when you've just discovered grunge and insist on only wearing jeans that you strategically ripped.  See, cotton burns quick, and no matter how awesome those frayed knee holes are, you don't look like Eddie Vedder when you have to tear them from your body to prevent a stay in the burn ward.  And surprisingly, your teenage crush won't be sympathetic as you dance around in your tighty whiteys trying to stomp out the flames.  I've said too much.

     Honoo would never do you dirty like that though, cause while he may be his own disco inferno, he's always got your back.  This happy resin campfire from Leecifer is available right now in  limited edition of 10 pieces by visiting  Add some heat to your toy shelf without the risk of a four alarm disaster.

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