Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Old One" Fiberglass Cthulhu Sculpture from Colin Christian

     Is anyone watching the Presidential debates and just wishing that the idiot moderator would receive urgent news that Cthulhu has finally risen from the depths to put us all out of our misery?  Seriously, I feel like I'm on some bad reality show with this nonsense and if this isn't a pilot for NBC then maybe as humans we have just over stayed our welcome.  So I implore you to vote for the only candidate that makes sense; the one who's agenda is not paid for by big business and who respects all people no matter their race, creed, or credit score because as far as he's concerned we all make the same crunching sound when trampled on:

    That is really the extent of my involvement in politics, so let us move on.  Colin Christian has immortalized our future world leader in this stunning fiberglass sculpture that is ready to (possibly) protect you when the oceans swell and his minions are set upon us.  Hey, it might save you from getting eaten, you never know until you try.    

    There's two different versions with the first featuring a black finish and the second adding some metal flake to spice it up a bit.  These are extremely affordable and available right now by visiting  

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