Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Tumble Tops from Inami Toys

    You could go out the day before Halloween on Devil's Night and release all your suburban aggression by hitting mailboxes with baseball bats or throwing perfectly good toilet paper into people's trees.  Or you could take the civilized route and stay home with your heathen friends, talk about whatever you're currently watching on the old tv (I hope it's Westworld) and play some parlor games that invoke simpler; less Purge-like times.  Enter Tumble Tops.  That was sooooo smooth you might of thought I was Billy Dee Williams. I get that a lot.

    Inami Toys has returned with his resin rock, paper, scissors game pieces that you can use with your friends or by yourself if you're more of a recluse.  They come blind bagged and feature three different designs with special marbled chase pieces mixed in.  Pick a few up when they go on sale today, October 27th at 9pm eastern time from


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