Friday, October 21, 2016

Breadcat Open Editions from Rato Kim

    I had a dream last night that Sharon and I had moved to New York and had this killer penthouse apartment with an indoor pool and all our cats were there just chillin and being rich.  But my black cat Icarus had made friends with a mouse and then fallen in love with her, only the mouse had a cat head instead of a regular mouse one (the cat head was to scale though so she didn't look like a mutant).  And somehow he and this mouse temptress would leave everyday and have adventures in the city and we'd only learn what he was up to based on his Instagram posts.  We had to sit him down and tell him about our concerns of him leaving the house and eventually the cat-headed mouse moved  in and we were back to being rich and chill with our indoor pool.  I swear there is something weird in that tea we bought from the Asian super market.

    Rato Kim has taken the resin world by storm with her Breadcat creation, and she's meeting the demand by creating a few made to order versions for needy collectors.  Choose from the tasty looking  Peachcat or get a bit outdoorsy with Woodcat and wrestle a bear or something.  Or you can go for the original that started it all with four different faces to choose from.  Add em to your collection by visiting her Etsy shop at this link.  


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