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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Two Fully Funded Kickstarter Campaigns For You To Get In On

    Life is full of uncertainty and no one wants to add any without good reason.  There's uncertainty throughout our jobs, and politics, and I'm fairly uncertain on my days off whether or not I'll put pants on before my wife comes home from work.  Unfortunately for any delivery people that may stop by, probably not.  So in this world where nothing is guaranteed, how about a couple of Kickstarter campaigns that have already reached their funding goals and taken the guess work out of wondering whether or not the toys will actually be produced.  

   First up is Lucky Cat, who despite his upbeat name doesn't appear to have the luck of the Irish or anyone else on his side.  He is the brain child of one Vincent Scala, who you may remember from his previously successful campaign for his Mickey Monster figure.  You can check out all the reward tiers that are still available at this link.  

     To go two for two on cat themed toys I present to you Rato Kim's DIY Box Cat.  This 5 inch vinyl art platform from Discordia Merchandising is a huge canvass for your creativity.  You can paint it. bedazzle it, or just leave it as is until a good idea comes to you.  Our cat Jorah sits in the bathtub sometimes and we believe that the shape of the tub itself is conducive to him gathering his thoughts from the universe.  My best ideas are usually born in some portion of the bathroom, so it's not that far fetched.  You can see all the cool still available at this link.  

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cheese Cat Lottery from Rato Kim x Strange Cat Toys

    Being lactose intolerant means that cheese is the devil.  I've actually only tasted cheese once and it was a terrible accident that was very traumatizing to me and should have resulted in a lawsuit.  I was attending a birthday party when I was young at Burger King and I distinctly recall ordering mine plain:  meat and bun and nothing else.  I take a bit into what I anticipated was flame broiled deliciousness and was instead met with some awful taste.  I inspected the sandwich that had betrayed me and found that there, just atop the meat patty and below the top bun, was a slice of cheese.  I blacked out with the realization that cheese had made its way into my mouth despite being so careful in my 6 years of life.  I spat out the offending bite, wrapped up the Benedict Arnold of a hamburger, and returned it to the counter for a replacement.  Now I am much more careful and thoroughly deconstruct all of my food to ensure no contraband dairy filth makes it past my defenses.  I'm gonna need a minute to work through some feelings.

    I have no quarrel with things that merely look like cheese, so I feel ok with endorsing this latest release from Rato Kim.  Her ridiculously popular Bread Cat is living the fromage life in this exclusive release with Strange Cat Toys.  There are only 10 of these available and for the opportunity to purchase one you must enter a lottery via email.  You have until August 2nd to get your entry in at, and please use "cheese cat" in the subject line so they don't think you're  a hot single in their area trying to meet up tonight.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Breadcat Open Editions from Rato Kim

    I had a dream last night that Sharon and I had moved to New York and had this killer penthouse apartment with an indoor pool and all our cats were there just chillin and being rich.  But my black cat Icarus had made friends with a mouse and then fallen in love with her, only the mouse had a cat head instead of a regular mouse one (the cat head was to scale though so she didn't look like a mutant).  And somehow he and this mouse temptress would leave everyday and have adventures in the city and we'd only learn what he was up to based on his Instagram posts.  We had to sit him down and tell him about our concerns of him leaving the house and eventually the cat-headed mouse moved  in and we were back to being rich and chill with our indoor pool.  I swear there is something weird in that tea we bought from the Asian super market.

    Rato Kim has taken the resin world by storm with her Breadcat creation, and she's meeting the demand by creating a few made to order versions for needy collectors.  Choose from the tasty looking  Peachcat or get a bit outdoorsy with Woodcat and wrestle a bear or something.  Or you can go for the original that started it all with four different faces to choose from.  Add em to your collection by visiting her Etsy shop at this link.  


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Watermeloncat from Rato Kim

    I have solved all of the problems that now face the world.  Ok, well most of them, because I think many of the world's issues stem from folks being miserable.  And you know what makes it impossible to be miserable?  The act of holding a baby skunk.  It's true!  I held one the other day and as his little face nuzzled under my chin there was absolutely nothing that could have upset me.  You could have tried, but you would have failed.  I have no idea how to implement this on a global scale, so I'll probably have to get Mark Cuban to help me out.

Happiness is a warm skunk.

    Ooooooh, maybe one of these Watermeloncats would be better.  For one you wouldn't have to feed them, and you'd never have to worry about bathing in tomato paste to counteract any spraying that may go one.  Rato Kim is offering these right now until the 13th and here's how you can get one for yourself:

- Name -
- PayPal account -
- WatermelonCat number -
- Residential land -
- Address -
- Contact -
- Select Shipping - 1 [EMS] , 2 [Air Small Packe] [Information] - SIZE [w4 / h4.5 / d5]
- PRICE [65 USD]
- Payment: PAYPAL
- EMS (3-7 days / Safe delivery.)
- Air Small Packet (7-15 days / I shall not be liable even if not to make delivery.)
- Asia 10 USD / Other 15 USD
- Plz, Email me for the order - [ ]