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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Hammerhead Shnail from Ghost Fox Toys x Strange Cat Toys

       Do you think fish are freaked out about how little of the breathing world they've explored? We've only seen a limited amount of the ocean but they've seen even less of where we live. The only ones that make it far inland are either in aquariums or on dinner plates, so they never get to return and report what they've witnessed. Do they have these images in their heads of monstrous humans with razor teeth who are by far more frightening than the ones that they encounter? Do they share artists renditions of what they think lies beyond the beaches while they develop the technology to travel among us to further their research? Will one day a great octopus explorer walk right onto the sand with his newly constructed breathing apparatus as he Lewis and Clark's it all over the world? Do you think the township will have my water main repaired before I have to use one of those orange Home Depot buckets in a way god did not intend?  

     While I attempt to delay my lunch from becoming it's final, most powerful form, I can tell you about the first ever production figure from Ghost Fox Toys. This is a Hammerhead Shnail and it looks much like you would expect a blending of the two creatures to work out. How a Hammerhead shark and a snail fell in love and made a baby is a question for another day, though, as I've already given you plenty to think about.

   Strange Cat Toys wil unleash...wait...maybe "unleash" is a bit much when talking about a predator that you could just casually walk away from. OK, so they'll be debuting this vinyl toy on Saturday, September 24th at 12pm eastern time. This first colorway is know as "Sunrise Salmon" and is limited to 100 pieces. They're about 3 inches tall and will retail for $65 each from

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

"Devil May Care" Bobbi the Baphomet from Zintears x Strangecat Toys


   I'm not sure why I thought of this at the time, but not too long ago I came up with an idea for a soap called Bath O Met, and the wrapper would feature the goat headed deity sitting in a bathtub with a shower cap on his horns and a scrub brush in his hand.  I even made a mock up of what the packaging would look like, but ultimately decided that I actually had no interest in making soap.  I still think it's funny and if anyone out there does like making soap and would be willing to make one that is black and smells like sulfur, we should talk.

   My version certainly wasn't as cute as this little guy from Zintears.  This is Bobbi the Baphomet, a little resin guy that is an exclusive release from Strangecat Toys in the US.  You don't have to be a member of the Knights Templar to be completely charmed by those sleepy eyes!  All you need is $75 and an internet enabled device when they go on sale this Friday, October 22 at 11 am eastern time at

Monday, September 21, 2020

DIY Vinyl Stroll from Spanky Stokes x Strange Cat Toys


    While the full blown quarantine has passed long ago, many of us are finding ways to entertain ourselves that don't involve going out as much.  Personally, I've been doing a lot of gardening, walking around the neighborhood to get in some exercise, and fine tuning my crippling anxiety about the dystopian future that eeks ever closer to our world.  Oh, and I got a bird feeder that has been very popular with the local goldfinches. Sometimes I get four of them on there at once, which is an indescribable thrill!

    For those of you that enjoy painting or always thought you might, now is the perfect time to unleash your artistic beast.  Toy blogger OG Spanky Stokes and Strange Cat Toys have just released the Stroll DIY vinyl figure that is just begging for you to customize. Standing give and a half inches tall, this blank canvas comes in a limited glow in the dark version as well as basic white and at just $30 and $25 respectively, and is a great gateway to toy art superstardom.  Pick one up now by visiting

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Five Points Fest Exclusives from StrangeCat Toys

Five Points Fest is this Saturday and Sunday and I have been keeping a mental tally of all the stuff I want so far.  I've just about reached full mental capacity, so I've had to forget some things in order to make room.  Strangecat Toys has got so many exclusives that will fill their booth #423 that I have compiled the ones I know about so far here for you to keep track of.  That way you don't have to go and forget stuff like where you live, how to drive a car, or the fact that you're allergic to shrimp.  I'm pretty much saving lives.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cheese Cat Lottery from Rato Kim x Strange Cat Toys

    Being lactose intolerant means that cheese is the devil.  I've actually only tasted cheese once and it was a terrible accident that was very traumatizing to me and should have resulted in a lawsuit.  I was attending a birthday party when I was young at Burger King and I distinctly recall ordering mine plain:  meat and bun and nothing else.  I take a bit into what I anticipated was flame broiled deliciousness and was instead met with some awful taste.  I inspected the sandwich that had betrayed me and found that there, just atop the meat patty and below the top bun, was a slice of cheese.  I blacked out with the realization that cheese had made its way into my mouth despite being so careful in my 6 years of life.  I spat out the offending bite, wrapped up the Benedict Arnold of a hamburger, and returned it to the counter for a replacement.  Now I am much more careful and thoroughly deconstruct all of my food to ensure no contraband dairy filth makes it past my defenses.  I'm gonna need a minute to work through some feelings.

    I have no quarrel with things that merely look like cheese, so I feel ok with endorsing this latest release from Rato Kim.  Her ridiculously popular Bread Cat is living the fromage life in this exclusive release with Strange Cat Toys.  There are only 10 of these available and for the opportunity to purchase one you must enter a lottery via email.  You have until August 2nd to get your entry in at, and please use "cheese cat" in the subject line so they don't think you're  a hot single in their area trying to meet up tonight.  

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Insanely Large Ron English Figures Available Now from Strange Cat Toys

    There's a very large house not far from where I live that has an equally large wall surrounding it, which obstructs your view of the main structure.  The person that owns it has ensured you have plenty to look at when you drive past, as he has gathered every fiberglass creation he could find and strewn them about his property.  There are elephants, and giraffes, and dinosaurs peaking over the wall, while the outside has dragons, Gundam robots, and even Jesus and the Virgin Mary.  The place looks like a temple built to celebrate someone's deep mental instability and I love it.  That's the kind of crap I would pull if I had a lot of money.  My home owner's association would probably get butthurt about it, which will distract them from the fact that I bought the townhouse next door and turned it into a petting zoo.  They're so dumb!

   If you happen to have a spare $15,000 laying around then Strange Cat Toys has a deal for you.  Some of Ron English's most recognizable creations have gone huge, like in the realm of 4 to even 7 feet tall huge.  They ain't cheap as I mentioned before, but they're way more fun than paying back your student loans or trying to erase credit card debt.  Check out the selection at and just remember that one day you'll be dead and thus out of reach from collection agencies.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Sales Extravaganza Part 1

    You've eaten yourself to the point of nausea, you've watched football until it almost made sense, and you punched a stranger in the face to get a new tv that you didn't really need but the price was suuuuuuuper right and now it's time to really celebrate the season with Black Friday deals from your favorite retailers.  Check em out below and bask in the savings: