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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Biting Vase Preorder from Josh Divine


     And now for something completely different.  You may know Josh Divine from having his own production Dunnys, or from his uber popular crash figures that face plant well known pop culture characters.  But no one that I've ever known that enjoyed making things wanted to make just one type of thing, so while I didn't expect him to tackle the world of floral display, I can completely understand it.  And after all, designer toys are pretty much a form of home decor, so it's not that much of a stretch.  If he had decided to create artisanal sausage or his own line of natural deodorants, then that might have made me pause a bit.  Especially if they turned out to not be separate products.

     This is the Biting Vase, and as you can see from the picture above, the name is self explanatory.  Stephen King has made a living writing stories about inanimate objects coming to life to kill people, but even he didn't think of this one.  Not so smart now are you, Mr. Wrote-Lots-of-Books-and- Stuff? I love you, Stephen King, I'm just jealous and shouldn't have brought you into this.

   This unique piece of contemporary design is available in both white and black versions and can be preordered right now by visiting

Friday, November 29, 2019

Gold Chrome Edition Astro Crash from Josh Divine x Strangecat Toys

      You've survived another year of Thanksgiving without anyone getting arrested, though Uncle Mike's political tirade certainly warranted being choked out.  There's no better way to reward yourself for your restraint than with the gift of gold and Strangecat Toys is ready to make your collection shine like it's been fondled by King Midas.

    This is the latest version of Josh Divine's Astro Crash figure, which sees our hero face planted after not quite sticking his landing.  I mean, he made it back to solid ground, but he may have scraped his face off in the process.  The French judge will surely deduct points, but things can always be worse. 

  This figure is extremely limited to only 25 pieces and will retail for $225 when it goes on sale today, Novemer 29th at 10am eastern time. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Five Points Fest Exclusives from StrangeCat Toys

Five Points Fest is this Saturday and Sunday and I have been keeping a mental tally of all the stuff I want so far.  I've just about reached full mental capacity, so I've had to forget some things in order to make room.  Strangecat Toys has got so many exclusives that will fill their booth #423 that I have compiled the ones I know about so far here for you to keep track of.  That way you don't have to go and forget stuff like where you live, how to drive a car, or the fact that you're allergic to shrimp.  I'm pretty much saving lives.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Astro Crash from Josh Divine x StrangeCat Toys for Five Points Fest

   Do you ever think how insane people were who pioneered flight?  Today flying in a plane is safer than driving a car, but dudes like the Wright Brothers were strapped to wood and fabric contraptions powered by garage built engines and a handful of theories.  The amount of things that could go wrong mostly involved terrible maiming or death, so the fact that anyone pushed so hard to make it happen is kinda shocking to me.  Then I remember things I used to do growing up in rural Virginia and am suddenly thankful that someone already checked this one off the list.  Teenagers plus boredom rarely leads to innovation as much as it does disfigurement.

    Astro Boy surely had his ups and downs when it came to mastering the sky life, as evidenced in this figure from Josh Divine and Strangecat Toys.  You may know Josh from his day job at Kidrobot, but he's got more ideas than can be contained by a standard nine to five.  And sometimes those ideas involve a beloved Japanese character scraping his face off as he falls to Earth.  Don't act like that's weirder than how you unwind after a long day.

    This dude is made of resin, limited to 25 pieces, and will be available exclusively at booth #423 during Five Points Fest.  Josh will even be there on Sunday from 1pm-2pm to sign yours and answer all of your questions about love, life, and whatever else you can think of.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Second Pin from Josh Divine's Alley Kids Series is Available Now


  How come the enamel pin thing didn't blow up while the people at TGI Fridays were forced to wear flair on their suspenders?  You'd think that with those restaurants and all those folks needing pins that the market would have responded accordingly.  But nope, now they just wear polo shirts with no hint of their personality or what they're really about and the pin game is stronger than ever.  I for one am not into eating crappy food served by people who all look like extras from 1984, so bring back the flair and stop feeding us your agenda of conformity and indigestion, TGI Fridays, if that is your real name.

   When Josh Divine isn't dreaming up craziness for Kidrobot he's out there doing his own thing in the art world, like making his Alley Kids series of pins.  The latest is Alexis, who is a rocker girl who is waaaaaaay more Joan Jett than Avril Lavigne and would bring love to bring a heavy dose of sass to your jean jacket.  Get her right now by checking out