Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Second Pin from Josh Divine's Alley Kids Series is Available Now


  How come the enamel pin thing didn't blow up while the people at TGI Fridays were forced to wear flair on their suspenders?  You'd think that with those restaurants and all those folks needing pins that the market would have responded accordingly.  But nope, now they just wear polo shirts with no hint of their personality or what they're really about and the pin game is stronger than ever.  I for one am not into eating crappy food served by people who all look like extras from 1984, so bring back the flair and stop feeding us your agenda of conformity and indigestion, TGI Fridays, if that is your real name.

   When Josh Divine isn't dreaming up craziness for Kidrobot he's out there doing his own thing in the art world, like making his Alley Kids series of pins.  The latest is Alexis, who is a rocker girl who is waaaaaaay more Joan Jett than Avril Lavigne and would bring love to bring a heavy dose of sass to your jean jacket.  Get her right now by checking out

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